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MIRL-600 Warhammer Mission

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Mission 1 - MIRL-600 Warhammer Mission - Required Rank:**/55

Commander Harris has ordered you to search the Juggernaut facility in the sector I-09 for an old storage box containing the construction part with the description "MLTS-X3240". Return to Commander Harris once you have obtained this construction part.


Commander Harris



Security Terminal

  • Talk to Commander Harris in Techhaven sec-2 and select the right responses during the conversation to start this mission
  • Make your way to sector I 09 anyway you see fit. You can locate the Juggernaut facility in the south east of the zone.
  • Head through the facility and locate the storage box and loot it.
  • Return to Commander Harris with the part and hand it over to him.
  • He will then instruct you to activate a security terminal in the Tech Haven Energy Core 1 zone. You will need to hack a door to access the terminal.
  • After you have activated the terminal, a rank 100/100 Warbot will spawn. Defeat it and hack it to gain the part Harris needs. (The Warbot's spawn can be bugged. If it does not spawn, submit a ticket and a GM will kindly spawn it for you).
  • Once again return to Commander Harris with the part.
  • This part of the mission is complete. Take a well earned break soldier!

Mission Rewards

  • No rewards, except a little break!

Mission 2 - MIRL-600 Warhammer Mission - Required Rank:**/55

Commander Harris has ordered you to search for some prototype Scout Units in the Waseland sector E-09. Internal sources say that the needed construction part "MLC-777x" can be found inside these types of Scout Units.


Juri Netschajev



Dixie Flatline

  • Talk to Commander Harris again to start the second part of the mission.
  • Make your way to E 09. Locate the Scout Units and destroy them. (It's best to keep your distance, their x-ray stacks are painful).
  • Return to Harris with the part, he will then instruct you to find Juri Netschajev and give him a parcel. He can be found at the crossroads in I 09, near to the Twister club.
  • Juri doesn't have the part Harris needs, but all is not lost. Juri tells you to ask Harris about "Dixie".
  • When you return to Harris, he tells you Dixie Flatline used to work with him, but is now working for the other side. He tells you to wait 5 minutes.
  • Talk to Harris again and then make your way to the Outzone Jail to talk to Dixie.
  • Talk to Dixie and he will eventually supply you with the part.
  • Return to Harris once more. Give him the part. In turn he will give you a big shiny rocket launcher.

Mission Rewards