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    Neocron Dictionary

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    This guide is a derivative of Friendly Ghost's "Neocron Dictionary" from way back in the day. I've updated it removing old entries and adding new entries. Authoisation has been gained from Friendly Ghost for the reproduction and updating of this guide.

    Below is a list of commonly used lingo in the world of Neocron, at least on the Terra server but this guide may well apply to other servers (None-English Speaking) as well. Obviously the world of Neocron is constantly changing and everybody loves dropping that extra letter or two just to confuse everybody, so by all means this guide will never be completly uptodate. But here goes:


    Common IRC & Board Acronyms

    AFAIK - As Far As I Know

    AFK - Away From Keyboard

    BBL - Be Back Later

    BRB - Be Right Back

    BTW - By The Way

    Cya - See You (slang)

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    FUP - Follow Up Post (=Reply)

    IMO - In My Opinion

    IRC - Internet Relay Chat

    LOL - Laughing Out Loudly

    Q&A - Questions & Answers

    OMW - On My Way

    ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

    RTFM - Read The Fucking (or Fine) Manual

    WTB - Want To Buy

    WTF - What The Fuck?

    WTS - Want To Sell

    Common RPG Acronyms

    IC - In Character

    IG - InGame

    Mob - Mobile Object (=~ NPC) / AI controlled Monster

    MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game

    MUD - Multi User Dungeon

    OOC - Out of Character

    OOG - Out of Game

    RPG - Role-Playing Game

    Inventory - Backpack

    BP - Blueprint

    DC - Data Cube

    HUD - Heads Up Display

    Imp - Implant

    knc - Kilo (=1000) NeoCredits

    LE - Law Enforcer

    nc - NeoCredits

    NeMa - Neocronicle Magazine

    PB3 - Psi Booster 3

    QB - Quickbelt

    RPOS - Retinal Projected Operating System

    RS - Rucksack

    Term - Terminal

    VotR - Voice of the Resistance

    VR - Voice of the Resistance

    Inventory – Rareparts

    AHP - Additional Hull Part

    ATP - Additional Tech Part

    CP - Core Part

    FP - Frame Part

    HP - Hull Part

    OP - Component Part

    TP - Tech Part

    Inventory - Rares

    CS - Cursed Soul Cannon

    DG - Devil's Grace Laserblade

    DP - MC5 Distance Projector CPU

    DS - MC5 Dimension Splitter Chip

    FL - First Love Rifle

    Libi / Libby - Liberator Pistol (Slang)

    HL - Holy Lightning APU Module

    PE - Pain Easer Rifle

    RoG - Ray of God Rifle

    SA - MC5 Synaptic Accelerator Chip (no longer in game, usually used to refer to MC5 Close Combat CPU)

    SF - Special Forces Chip

    SH - Silent Hunter Rifle

    SS - Special Science Chip


    ACG - Assistant Chief Gamemaster (GM Rank)

    APU - Aggressive Psi User

    CA - City Admin

    CB - Cop Bot

    CEO - Chief Executive Officer

    CFO - Chief Financial Officer

    CM - City Mercs

    ECC - Event & Content Creator (GM Rank)

    EGM - Event Game Master (GM Rank)

    FA - Fallen Angel

    FC - Faction Counsellor (GM Rank)

    GM - Game Master

    IFW - Ingame Forum Watch (GM Rank)

    ISW - Ingame Support Watch (GM Rank)

    KK - Reakktor

    KOS - Kill on Sight

    MJS - Martin Jörg Schwiezer

    NAP - Non Aggression Pact

    NCPD - Neocron Police Department (correct!)

    NCPD - Neocron City Police Department (wrong!)

    NExT - Neocron Exploration Technologies

    NPC - Non Player Character

    PC - Player Character

    PK - Player Killer

    PPU - Passive Psi User

    PvP - Player versus Player

    QA - Quality Assurance

    TA - Tangent Technologies

    TG - TwilightGuardian

    TK - Team Killer

    TT - Tangent Technologies

    Vet - Veteran

    WB - War Bot

    WBT - War Bot Titan


    A&W - Archer & Wesson

    ca - Clan Apartment

    CRP - Canyon Reloading Point

    DC - Desert City

    DoY - Dome of York

    HQ - Head Quarters

    HV - Haus Verbot

    IA - IndustrialArea

    MB - Military Base

    Nc - Neocron

    NC - Neocron City

    OZ - OutZone

    P - Plaza

    PLZA - Plaza

    PP - PepperPark

    TH - TechH(e)aven

    TS - TestServer

    VR - ViaRosso

    WL - WasteLand

    Sometimes abbreviations show up; in such a case you may see things like "Jeriko" instead of "Jeriko Fortress", "Krupp" instead of "Krupp Factory", "Regant's" instead of "Regant's Legacy", or "Avenger" instead of "Avenger mines". I'm not going to list them all, because there are too many locations to keep track of if I would do that. Just check the world map and you'll find what they're talking about.

    Inside cities, other forms of shortcuts are used to provide information on current whereabouts. For example, inside Neocron City people will simply say they're in "plaza 2", leaving out the "sector" in between. In very extreme cases, or in small places such as Tech Haven, they might directly say "I'm in TH 2", which means he/she is in Tech Haven Sector 2. These too are too much to keep track of, so I'll skip them. You'll learn them with time, and use.

    Very extreme forms of shortcut can also be seen in the form of single letters. In such cases, a location like "plaza sector 2" will simply appear as "P2". The Pepper Park sectors will have their own as well ("Pepper Park sector 3" will thus appear as "PP2"). "Via Rosso 3", to mention another example (and exception), will appear as "Via3".

    If you're travelling outdoors, you will likely no longer see any of the above terms locations. Instead, the players will reveal their whereabouts by using the map sectors. If a player says he's currently in "E_05", to find him you'll need to open the world map screen and intersect the row and column mentioned.

    In the case of this player, he's likely somewhere in the mountain range around Tech Haven. In short, they talk using the coordinate system of the world map.


    Cst - Construction

    Res - Research

    Rez - Resurrection

    SI - Synaptic Impairment

    SL - Soullight

    XP - eXperience Points


    CET - Central European Time

    DST - Daylight Savings Time

    GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

    PST - Pacific Standard Time

    TZ - Time Zone

    UTC - Universal Time Coordinated

    WET - Western European Time

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