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Trade Skilling Guide

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Rosanne's Guide to the Wonderful World of Trade Skilling/Tradeskilling

Definitions/NC slang

Trade Skilling:- The use of researchers/constructors/recyclers/repairers/barterers/implanters for your own gain... at a small fee known as a tip, usually.

Poker: an implanter/card game in real life

Poke: the process of implantation/sex in real life

Resser: slang for Researcher,

Res: process of Researching

Blueprint: a component needed to tell the process what to build, also contains the weapon/armourparts needed for construction

Tek: A "rare" fragment of a 5-7 part weapon

Conster/Cster: slang for Constructor.

Rep: short for repair

Rec: short for recycle

TL: the tech level of the item, defines how difficult the item is to tradeskill, also used to describe the level of the tradeskiller E.G a resser with 150 pts in research is a TL 150 resser.

Let's begin.

The world of Neocron is a vast complex constantly changing universe... such an economy requires the labour of many Trade Skillers for it to run smoothly. The two main Trade Skills are ressing and constructing... these are used for basic construction of weapons, drugs, armour, etc. Each relies on the other, as constructors need ressers for blueprints/to res the tech parts needed for rare weapons... we'll cover that in more detail later, and ressers need constructors because if there is no construction then who needs a blueprint?

Recycle and Repair are the secondary Trade Skills, these are the skill points that the following: res/consters, Tanks, or Monks have spare in the skill dexterity.


Reppers, using nanites, repair broken items, surprisingly, depending on the skill of the repper, the item may lose some of its total condition

E.G a 8%/120% goes to the repper, he repairs it and it comes out with 102%/102% he is not a very good Repper. A good repper will loose between 2% and 4% condition per repair pass. It has been noticed the condition of the item effects how much total condition the item will loose. If the item is red (Less that 30% condition) the more total condition the item will loose. The best time to repair an item is when it's condition is yellow (Between 30% and 50%) so less total condition is lost.

Remote repair is where a remote tool is used like a gun to "fire" at vehicles and replenish their health this takes REMOTE nanites not the standard ones used for item repair.


Recyclers make Chemicals out of dropped junk, ammo/drugs out of household junk... there is generally a better yield if you use monster dropped junk. they also can make DOY eyes from junk found in the DOY tunnels, they can make crude weapons, hacknet codebreakers (used to get into other faction databases), and most importantly meals, the recipes for these, can be found here Sheriff Hardyand neoterm.

Recyclers can also salvage items to get back things that were put into them,

E.G rhino keys need 10 hacknet part x's and if it is destroyed then these are all lost right? Wrong, the key can be salvaged to get up to 8 (in rare cases) of your parts back.

All Trade Skills require a certain chemical available from:

Pro-City Anti-City
Cryton's Tech Angels

Recycling and Salvaging use Catalyctic recycling fluid. This substance is required for the process but does not need to be in the process window, in this way it is like a fuel. The higher the TL of the item, the more of this chemical is required until, at TL 150 (the most in the game, only used for missions atm) it takes up approximately 80 per go!(depending on Trade Skill level) That's a lot considering you could fail.

Researching in more detail

My personal favourite. The chemical for this Trade Skill is called research substance and costs approximately 7k(depending on your intelligence/barter level) for 200 uses depending Research has another primary use. Other than for construction for other players, it is used quite often to build sympathy for a faction or to make LOTS of money doing 30k a piece TL 150 datacubes, the down side to the TL 150's is that they require 90 faction sympathy. The other thing to keep in mind about Ressing, it need more skill put in than the basic TL, otherwise, you will likely fail and break datacubes or worse techs.

E.G 10 techs being TL 90 are ressed by a TL 150 resser he will likely not break any of them but he may fail 1 or 2 times.


10 Techs being ressed by a TL 90 resser, will probably see 12 or more fails and at least 2 lost.

This means it is important to not lie about your TL when advertising over trade.

Constructing in more detail

Constructing is the advance on a researchers work, to make whatever the blueprint is of. Just as ressers need their substance, consters need construction grease, again this costs about 7k and does not need to go in the process box. The skill of the constructor defines the weapons basic stats... if the weapon was built from a blueprint these stats are all constant and can be modified depending what mods are attached using slots. Slots are the most important out come of a weapon... these are particularly useful in rare weapon construction (using teks) as in this type, the stats can go up to 120 (this is the cap for all weapons and if this is reached on most of the 4 stats the weapon becomes "artifact").the higher ones skill, the better chance the weapon will have more slots, however this is not definite... a TL 255 cster can produce a TL 10 weapon with no slots.


See main article: Implants

Implanting is a skill a runner can take up, it falls under the Intelligence subheading of character attributes.

Runners may have valuable implants grafted into their bodies to increase their skill and attributes, and resistance against damage. There are 2 modes of "poking" (the slang for implantation in the game):

  • Remote: doing it to someone else, and..
  • Personal: for poking yourself.
The implant skill in the skills window (F5 hotkey)

Implantation runs off your implant skill level (see image) and is not affected by synaptic impairment. All Tech Levels can be remotely poked in using the Tech Level 30 Remote Implant Tool, however some believe that if you increase the TL of the tool then the speed of implantation is increased. Implants fall out upon dying or removal, when they fall out, they become damaged and will eventually need repairs. Implantation needs Implant gel for the recipient of the poke if the implant is above tech level 30.

A word on Tools

Fairly straight forward the TL (represented by the number written in th lower right hand corner) defines what TL that tool can be used up to.
NB: this rule does not apply to remote implanting, where any TL tool can be used to implant every implant in the game.

Hope this helps...

Last words, don't walk out of charactor creation as a pure resser/conster, you should become a droner as it is very difficult to level beyond 70 doing only missions, let alone boring. Have A Productive Day Runner

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