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This is the ability to construct/build an item using various established component parts. The result can be a piece of Armour, a Weapon or even a Vehicle.

The process requires a Blueprint of the desired item, a Construction Tool of sufficient quality (rated in Technology Level/TL), Construction Grease {please correct me if this is no longer required} and a collection of chemicals, metals and such stated in the embedded information found on the Blueprint. Items with a Technology Level/TL lower than 25 do not require any Construction Grease to build them.

The player constructing the item will need sufficient skill points invested in Constructing to make the item. The resulting quality of the item far surpasses the quality of items purchased from the NPC stores e.g. Archer & Wesson and HEW's. Because of this, the need is created by players who want superior equipment. Superior weapons provide major advantages like vastly increased Range, Frequency/Rate of Fire and Damage. Such weapons enable players to kill monsters in a fraction of the time taken if using the standard store weapons.

If the skill rating of the constructor easily exceeds the Tech Level of the item to be built, there is an increased probability of the item having upgrade options, called 'Slots'. This probability has been an interesting item of debate in the past regarding the exact amount of skill points required to ensure that a weapon will turn out with these Slots. Please note, however, that only weapons can be imbued with slots on creation. Armour, tools, implants, drones and vehicles do not benefit from this phenomenon.

As implied, slots allow a weapon to be upgraded to perform even better than it's already superior quality and performance. Some nifty upgrade options include fitting the weapon with a Silencer, a Scope for enhanced accuracy (aids the actual aiming process of the player, not enhancing the reticle closure) or even a Laser Sight (which also aids the player in physically aiming at moving targets). A variety of upgrades are available and the customising process differs among players to suit their combat styles/needs.

There is a maximum of 5 slots that a weapon can be imbued with. Sometimes the name of the Constructor will be embedded in the name of the weapon i.e. a First Love (a Plasma rifle weapon), after construction would be named "Perfect First Love constructed by [Playername]". This happens only when the chances to build this specific weapon with the given slots were pretty off.



Recycling is a Dexterity subskill which allows you to convert miscellaneous, usually worthless items of junk, into usable items. The Recycling skill is performed with the use of a Recycling tool and the required Junk. Junk can be found in the loot from a kill or crates/bins scattered around the world.


1 - Clone Consumables - Can provide an almost endless supply of FREE Ammunition for your weapon, Medical Kit  for healing or Stamina Booster 1   for when you get tired! even weapon parts, in fact most consumable items can be reproduced.

2 - Create Usable Items - You can produce a range of other items such as Armour, Weapons or chemicals with the correct combination of differing junk items.

3 - Double Up - You can take two of a single item and recycle them to become the next level item. For example weapon parts, you cannot obtain the Tangent Weaponpart 8   from an NPC seller, so by recycling 2 x Tangent Weaponpart 7   you can produce 1 Tangent Weaponpart 8   This works for all consumable parts such as Implants, armour parts or even vehicle parts.

Fore more detail check out the Recycling Guide






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