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  • New test server patch #558 has been released to Vedeena


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Guides Introduction

This page highlights various guides & pages stored with this Wiki that will be useful. Use these guides & pages to help increase your understanding and progress in game more efficiently.

Patch Notes Summary (Yearly)

Returning players might find it useful to view a summary of changes - broken down by year and then split into categories.

Troubleshooting the Game

If you have trouble starting the game, please check out the link below

New Player Guide

This guide is for everyone, showing you the best way to level your character and activities you should be considering.

Character Setup (Build)

This guide gives you guidance on how to build your characters setup, with sample setups that you can use.

Player vs Player

This guide introduces you to the world of Neocron's Player vs Player content. It gives you guidance on many concepts and tactics that are used to perform well.

Tradeskilling Guides

Whilst the tradeskill guides do need consolidation work they are here for your viewing

Useful Pages

The following are not guides, but simply pages which hold useful information.