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Choosing your Character

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Below is a list of Character Professions, the first part is a role playing description of what the Profession can do, apart from deciding your starting skills, the profession you pick also decides on what equipment you will start the game with. Later as a subsection the items each class starts with will be added, or the main items... No i wont include the shiny med kit with them :) - Although, this choice decides what Character class and equipment you start with, you can always change you profession with LOM Pills, which will be explain later on on NC-Wiki

Character Professions


Official Description:

The assassin is a specialist for remote fighting. Whoever gets hit by bullets in the open field is almost always the target of an assassin. These specialists use sniper rifles or assault rifles. Because of these weapons the targets hardly ever find out which directions the bullets came from. Some assassins know of the art of implants, others are formidable hackers. Hit and run is the most used practice but some assassins are good or only mad enough to go into an in-fight with their rifles to create havoc there. These hotheads are mainly private eyes. Spies can even be more deadly in their ways. Because of their physical deficits they always work with state of camouflage. They are about invisible in open field.


The Assassin (also known as a rifle Spy/PE) benefits from a good damage output as well as moderate resists and ability to heal themselves. This creates a good solo fighter at range in PvE. Rifle users do however lack access to AoE weapons which restricts their ability to fight efficiently in dungeons or areas with high concentrations of Mobs, which can make them harder to level. Rifle users are usually of the Spy class. This is due to higher damage output and ability to use all weapons without having to drug heavily.


Official Description:

The Berserker has decided on sword and dagger. Big swords, metal claws are the dominating weapons in this profession. The street samurai does not carry heavy weapons nor plenty of ammunition. He is thus more manoeuvrable than his heavily armed brethren. He uses this ability in the fight and whoever underestimated him may find himself, cut into thin slices, on the floor seconds after he made his mistake. A job for gentanks and private eyes.


The Berserker (also known as a Melee Tank/PE) benefits from high movement speeds and high resists. Melee users can be effective at PvE however they lack damage output in PvP. Melee users are either Tanks or PEs with each having advantages and disadvantages.


Official Description:

Drivers are the mechanised and motorized infantry in every fight. There are some drivers in every bigger fighting unit, because there is always more work for them. On their fast hoverbikes they reconnoitre the battlefield in the shortest of times. In heavy troop transports their own troops are brought into the battle area. Enemy troops are weakened decidedly and eliminated by heavy armour and from air shots and bombs are sprinkled over the battle area. Most of the drivers know about repairs, so that they can get their vehicles moving again in the field. The private eye is, because of his manifold talents, found behind the steering wheel as well as behind the on-board cannon. A gentank could do these things without effort, but there are not too many gentanks among the drivers, as they have far better alternatives. Spies you will find as drivers as well, even though they cannot operate the cannons, because of their lack of physical strength. You will find hoverbike-riding monks, there are no monks that work vehicles exclusively.


Driving is usually used as a secondary skill on characters with another skill being a means to level. All classes are viable for driving.


Official Description:

"A good weapon is like an additional body part", engineers build the weapons that will win the fight. An engineer is constantly busy, because there is so much to build and, especially in arms, there is nothing to be left to amateurs. There better the engineer, the better the result of his work, so only top specialists are employed. The spy uses his intelligence and abilities to dominate this particular field, but some monks have decided that speed is not all and give spies a good run for their money.


Engineers (also known as CST, Const or Constructor) are extremely valuable in the game economy with all good weapons being player built. It is very difficult to level as an engineer and so most people level in other ways and use LOM Pills to switch when capped to this profession. PEs are capable of low level constructing. Nearly all constructors are Spys however as Dex and Int count heavily towards the end result.

Field Medic

Official Description:

Whoever goes hunting without a field medic by his side must be very sure of himself. Whoever goes to war without at least one field medic is more or less lost already. Those masters of psionic can heal the wounded, shelter his comrades in arms, improve their abilities, and influence the opponent negatively. Because only monks have the perfect abilities for those tasks and have a hang for things extreme, many of them have out of a sense for complexity learned the art to do implants.


Field Medics (also known as PPUs) are essential for high level hunting as well as Op-Warring. Monks are the only class used as PPUs as no others have a PSI level high enough to be effective. PEs are able to resurrect other players with specific skill setups however this limits their other abilities and so is generally not used. PPUs are reliant on other players for levelling by sharing XP as they cannot cause damage on their own which makes it harder to level. Other players are generally glad to have PPU support and so will team easily.


The hacker is the key figure in just about all regions, not only that he can crack any kind of electronic lock, he also has the cyberspace of the hacknet at his availability. In these he can surf networks like genrep-net and move freely from one place to another . Also he can penetrate into fraction networks and bring sensible data about members of the network to his knowledge. In the fight for the outposts he is irreplaceable, because without him mainframe programmes cannot be altered. First choice for being a hacker would be a spy, but monks could use their high intelligence to dive into the world of hacking. Also many private eyes do not want to loose out on the privileges hacking offers.


The infiltrator is a combination of reconnaissance and fighter. He is to find out about enemy strength and their strategic placing. For him stealth tactics and camouflage technologies are vital. You will find him in the fight in short to medium distance, from where he thins out enemy troops. Many scouts have a fundamental knowledge in hacking and are often seen on hoverbikes which improve their manoeuvrability further. For those reasons the spy is the only class to present good scouts. Private Eyes could become infiltrators too but for them it is much harder because of their missing camouflage technology.


The inquisitor is known for his top grade aggressive psionic abilities and his remorseless personal abilities. An inquisitor stands behind his duty, body and soul. Not even death could change that. For these fanatics there is only one target, to get things done according to their will. To achieve this, force is not only the second but also the first choice! The monk is because of his superior psionic the logical alternative. No other class has psionic abilities to compete.


The preacher is used to a lonely life, because he cannot count on the help of a team, he trains both his passive and offensive psionic abilities. Even though he cannot compete in either field with a specialist, he is an extremely tough opponent because he is such an extremely flexible solo fighter. Not that he would be lost within a team, but a team is served better with a specialist. Nobody but a monk would become a preacher because only monks have the abilities in psionic to have any mentionable success.


"To give yourself into immediate danger is a thing of the past" is what the riggers, more commonly known as droners, say. The rigger is specialised to operate UAVS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and is so fighting in the field by remote. But if he is discovered in his hiding place the end will come soon, because being concentrated on his UAV drone he is defenceless, so he has to rely on camouflage as much as possible. Spies and monks dominate this domain.


The scientist makes the blueprints an engineer needs to build wanted items. Besides that, he also identifies strange parts of technology that the hunters bring home from their trips into the wastelands. Many scientists have a collection of blueprints at hand to sell copies of them to those that do not have an in-house scientist or to engineers that want to sell made up weapons. The spies dominate this field, but monks can compete because of their intelligence.


The smuggler is a specialist in general merchandise. He is able to archive a better price with the dealers and is a sought after guy at any market place. Smugglers offer their extraordinary abilities to dicker or buy merchandise beforehand and offer them for a profit. Lots of intelligence needed, a job for monks and spies.


The soldier is the heavy fighting unit in each group, at the front lines distributing plasma with his heavy arms and holding fast with their heavy armour. He is the holy terror to those unlucky ones having attacked him. A sprinter he is not, but in extreme situations his staying abilities they often decide the fight. Here the gentank shows his strength and fitness, he is the bourne soldier, but some private eyes, high from implants and drugs, right there at the front swinging big guns can give their bigger brothers a run for their money.

Profession Classes are what decide you starting items, also what your points will be based in. If your new to the game, you are going to want to keep the points that it gives you. Personally I would start the game with a Berserker / Soldier / Assassin / Infiltrator / Inquisitor. Now the Inquisitor and the Berserker are very nice to start with, because they require no ammo to be bought for their weapons.

- Explanation of Character Professions and Character Types (Gentank/Private Eye/Spy/Monk)


Main article Spy

This class is shown for its ability to construct and research items and is the ultimate in trade skilling classes - BUT its also very powerful in Player v Player combat (PvP) Base Skills Once Capped

Skill Max level Initial level Initial subskill
Intelligence 100 5 78
Strength 40 2 10
Constitution 40 2 20
Dexterity 100 3 40
PSI 20 1 2

This class can also choose between the following Professions:

Private Eye

Main Article Private Eye

This character has an all round skill base and is basically supposed to be a 'jack of all trades' - but this isn't how this character has skilled out to be. It has a fairly large amount of PSI and is a very good self healer. It can use the top of the range weapons from the Assassin and Infiltrator fields - This is one of the 2 most powerful classes for 1v1 Combat.

Base Skills for PE

Skill Max level Initial level Initial subskill
Intelligence 60 3 20
Strength 60 3 40
Constitution 65 3 10
Dexterity 80 3 78
PSI 35 1 2

This class can also choose between the following Professions


Main Article Monk

This character can choose 4 different paths to plan out his life. He can devote himself to a tradeskill like research, construction or barter, short-changing his psi skills a bit. He can become a Inquisitor and deal insane amounts of damage, or he can become a Field Medic, and be nearly invincible and priceless to a team in combat. Or you can pick a Preacher, also known in game as a Hybrid. This class is hated within the Neocron community for being amazingly powerful, he can deal medium damage, while also filling the role of a Field Medic well enough to keep himself alive. 2.2 has seen a "nerf" to monks decreasing their popularity, with less damage and frequency to cast their spells.

Base Skills of a Monk

Skill Max level Initial level Initial subskill
Intelligence 100 4 40
Strength 20 1 2
Constitution 45 1 10
Dexterity 35 2 20
PSI 100 5 78

This class can also choose between the following Professions


Main Article Gentank

This character is known for its amazing strength and damage dealing capacity, It can take damage and deal it - teamed with a Field Medic this character is lethal. This character was one of the most feared classes in Neocron 1, In Neocron 2, it was rarely used - which was a shame because it was so powerful when mixed with the right group. This class takes real skill to use and master. In 2.2 tanks are able to make a come back with increased damage output and with balancing of other classes.

Base skills for GenTank

Skill Max level Initial level Initial subskill
Intelligence 25 1 12
Strength 100 5 78
Constitution 100 4 40
Dexterity 75 2 20
PSI 0 0 0

This class can also choose between the following Professions