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  • New test server patch #558 has been released to Vedeena

Patch Notes

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33-35 (2018-12-04)


  • "Bad World Data" sectors rebooted;

Gameworld & Content


  • Added a new furniture/decoration item (S.A.N.T.A BOT reward); TODO worth documenting?
  • Added a new furniture/decoration item icon (S.A.N.T.A BOT reward);

31-32 (2018-11-29)


  • You can now interact with 'Maisee Wong' as intended (Mrs. Jones scientist mission); TODO join pages Mrs. Jones and Mr. Jones?

28-30 "Xlenium" (2018-10-30)


  • Applied new server binaries;


  • The Hacker from the Assault Unit will now open the door in Mech Haven for you;


  • Added a new placable actor, named "Pumpkin"
  • Added a new placable actor, named "Grave"
  • Added a new inventory-icon for the Pumpkin;
  • Added a new inventory-icon for the Grave; (TODO worth documenting that item?)

Gameworld & Content : Halloween Event

  • The Unholy Pumpkin arrived in Neocron City; (TODO own page of eastereggs big yellow ball, unholy pumpkin, S.A.N.T.A BOT etc. with their missions; is it called Unholy Pumpkin or THE Unholy Pumpkin in-game?)

25-27 (2018-10-23)

Gameworld & Content : Ceres Labs

  • 13 years ago a City Administration Special Task Force closed and sealed all entrances to the Ceres BioGenetic Laboratories (source, see patch notes 126-127) - Recently, Runners have begun to report back that the seals have since been broken, and the Labs are once against accessible.
  • Re-opened all four Ceres BioGenetic Laboratories;
  • Fixed several bugs on the map;

Gameworld & Content : New Dungeon

  • A new, unique dungeon, called "Mech Haven", has been added to the Gameworld;

Gameworld & Content : General

  • Fixed a wrong Node in Geordis script (AMC5), he will now give runner the correct direction to find the Nomad Trader camp;
  • Fixed wrong format (german Tasha script, AMC5), umlauts are now displayed correctly;
  • F8 text (Missions log) updated for Job Center missions;
  • Re-applied the "Grim Persecutor" AI script;


After many community discussions our starter profession pre-sets have been updated with the aim of ensuring everyone gets a better start to the game. Skills have been reworked to not only keep in-line with profession choices, but ensure new players have a guideline of where to allocate their skill points. Atop this we have increased the number of items a player starts with and reworked the items to give an extra leg up.

  • Crahn 'Novice' Gauntlet has been given +3 FCS;
  • All professions have had their starter gear reworked;
  • All professions now start with a recycle too;
  • Most professions start with the corresponding tool for any tradeskill they have;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Fixed "Animationbug", you will now see NPCs shooting again;

24.1 (2018-10-19)


  • Fixed "Animation"- Bug: You will now see NPCs shooting again;

24 (2018-09-30)


  • "Bad World Data"- sectors 'rebooted';

23 (2018-08-31)

Gameworld & Content

  • Added missing entries in text.ini - "NO TEXT" should not appear anymore for terminal missions;
  • Grounded floating actors in H 10;
  • Mul Ketahg (TODO where is he located?) should now attack runner as intended;

22 (2018-08-26)

Gameworld & Content

  • Re-added the GR at Escador Oasis (K 15) (TODO post that information to that page);
  • Grounded floating actors in K 15;
  • Added some new decoration in K 15;
  • Altered Spawn in G 03;
  • Altered Spawn in H 10;
  • Added "named Boss/Mob" in G 03 (TODO update sector page with name and position);
  • Added "named Boss/Mob" in H 10 (TODO update sector page with name and position);


  • Added new icons for crystal-rewards ("named Boss/Mob");

21 (2018-08-10)

Gameworld & Content

  • Added a daily mission for trader;
  • Added two daily missions for PvE;
  • Job Center Map filled with more life (NPCs and decoration);
  • Added a new tier of Stamina Booster (TODO are these already in Items DB?);
  • Added a new tier of PSI Booster;
  • Added a new tier of Hack Booster;
  • Added a new tier of MedKit;
  • Grounded floating actors in J 01;
  • Altered spawn in J 01;
  • Subway:
    • Grounded floating actors;
    • Added Exitsigns to Plaza and Pepper Park Station;
    • Plaza Station is now more safe - a new CopBot is on patrol;
  • Outzone / Crahn Epic:
    • Raymon (TODO update his page) moved to a new (near) location - He should not get stuck between boxes after you killed him;
  • Added 5 new (very hard - Wastelands) Terminal missions for each faction;


  • Added new Subway Trafficsystem Decals to the game;
  • Added a new icon for PSI-, HCK-, and STA Booster;
  • Added a new icon for Medkits;

14-20 (2018-07-08)

Technical & Client Updates

  • Terminal bug fixed, which could lead into Client crashes;

10-13 (2018-07-04)


  • Internal server fixes;

9 (2018-07-03)


  • Compiler optimizations rollback;

8 "Preacher's Choice" (2018-06-30)

Technical & Client Updates

  • Compiler optimizations;


  • Added re-mastered Drones (RG50 for example);
  • Added re-mastered Barrel;
  • Added open wood box + lid;

Gameworld & Content

  • Fixed typo in text.ini (NPCs now saying "Go away!", instead of "Go away!,";
  • Fixed a floating actor in the Job Center;
  • Mob spawn in F 02 altered;

7 (2018-06-19)

Gameworld & Content

  • Double XP is active.

4-6 (2018-06-19)

Gameworld & Content

  • fixed a broken def file;
  • "Ghost" (new NPC) has now this correct name;


  • a problem with missing/broken def files was fixed;

2-4 (2018-06-17)

Gameworld & Content

  • fixed double entries in some def files;

1 "Solantium" (2018-06-17)

Technical & Client Updates

  • updated infrastructure;
  • added a new way for updating the Liveserver Titan (like PTS has) - means: It's easier for us to update Titan;
  • NST Launcher Release

Gameworld & Content

  • fixed wrong reward for PEs (FA Mrs. Jones infiltrator mission);
  • fixed the german Geordi mission (Newb MC5) - the mission should now work as intended;
  • added Hacknet CityCom missions;
  • added new Hacknet high-level mobs (Broken Data Storages 1-3, TH Bridge);
  • added new Hacknet low-level mobs (Low security login, P1);
  • removed flying tree in H 08;
  • fixed wrong placed actor in the CA HQ;
  • added some details in the CA HQ;
  • fixed wrong placed actor in the Job Center;
  • added Fill-Up NPCs to the world:
    • Viarosso Sec 3;
    • City Administration HQ;
    • A 08;
    • B 08;
    • F 07;
    • G 11 (DRT - TODO what is DRT?);
    • J 01;
    • Tech Haven Sec 1;


  • NPC Health globally reduced by ~12% - 20%
  • Vehicle Damage reduced
  • Projectile Damage reduced by 30%
  • Laser Damage reduced by 40%
  • Grim Persecutor:
    • Problematic 'invisible damage' script disabled until it can be fixed;
    • Attack patterns now follow that of Terrormaulers temporarily.
    • Rank changed from 110 to 120;
  • Grim Chaser:
    • Rank changed from 120 to 110;
  • Genotoxic Nightmare:
    • Damage reduced by 4%;
    • Frequency reduced by 3%;

Privacy Policy (2018-05-30)

  • New privacy policy (GPDR / DSGVO). All Neocron game accounts are currently expired, before you can play Neocron again, you must first read and agree to the changes. To agree to the new policies, login to the webpage and head to your account settings.

244 (2018-05-22)

Game Client

  • Bug fixed that could lead to a random crash on some CPUs

243 (2018-03-27)

Gameworld & Content

  • Droner Power Armour (PE & Spy) : restrictions and requirements fixed;

242 "Milky Ren" (2018-03-09)

Gameworld & Content


  • Added missing item descriptions for new Wisdom of Ceres items (Hand of Crahn; Warbots Bane TODO correct linking to ItemDB);
  • Added missing mission text (F8) for the new Wisdom of Ceres missions (Hand of Crahn; Warbots Bane);
  • English Geordi script updated (Newbie MC5);
  • Added a German script for Geordi (Newbie MC5);
  • Ezra, Tasha, Lorcan and Wesley (German) scripts updated (Newbie MC5);
  • You can no longer buy "Test Ammo" from certain traders;
  • Crahn Epic - Fixed an incorrect node in mission 3: Mark Cole had sent people to the wrong sector to find Maxime (Viarosso Sec 3 instead of 2);
  • Tsunami Epic - Updated mission 5: If you've lost the Valadium or the X-OR chip the NPC can now help you directly;
  • NExT Epic - Updated mission 6;
  • NExT Epic - The "Malfunctioning Warbot" has left E07 and moved to a nearby sector (TODO where to?);
  • Added new Power Armours to the game for Droner (PE & Spy);
  • Twilight Guardian trade skill quick job missions no longer send the player in Plaza Sector 2;
  • A sound bug was fixed in Regent Laboratories;
  • Agent Jones in Viarosso Sector 3, now has the correct model;
  • Jones' item descriptions updated;


  • Job Center sector re-worked;
  • You can now accept new low level missions on the second floor of the Job Center, these missions allow new runners to continue a mission driven leveling path after completing their assignments from Mr. ([I]& Mrs.![/I]) Jones;
  • Outzone Sec 2 spawns altered for the new Job Center missions;


  • Tech Haven Sectors 1, 2 & 3 have been reworked;
  • New stores, NPCs, Guards and decorations have been added across Tech Haven;
  • Tech Haven Sector 1 has a greater presence of Fallen Angels security turrets, which will attack enemies on sight;
  • Tech Haven Sectors 2 & 3 are now guarded by new Tech Haven Sentinels. These 'bots will attack runners with drawnn weapons. To help runners, Fallen Angels technicians have equipped the new guard 'bots with voice modulators recycled from now retired Reprogrammed CopBots;
  • New Fallen Angel characters now start their lives in Tech Haven;
  • Mrs. Jones has found her way to Tech Haven, helping new runners with profession based missions unique to Tech Haven;
  • In honour of Thomas Cooper (FA Founder/Leader) the Tech Haven administration have granted access to a new apartment, the "Thomas Cooper Lab"- apartment. It's limited to FA runners only!
  • You can now buy apartments with fixed locations in Tech Haven;
  • Several NPCs (Mrs. Jones' missions) were added to the world in all Tech Haven sectors;
  • Fixed/adjusted ambient sounds in Tech Haven;
  • Fixed/adjusted sound volume in Tech Haven;
  • Removed the Neocron 2 era 'lift music' from Tech Haven, it now has traditional atmospheric music;
  • Added a new Hacknet Dungeon for low level characters;


  • Added overhauled hack tool texture (1st person view);
  • Added new textures for NPCs;
  • Added new decals;
  • Added new actors;

Technical & Client Updates

  • Improved client stability;
  • Re-worked the code-base for starter gear and skills (increased the columns for items from 8 to 16);
  • Implemented Jones for Fallen Angels;
  • Neocron Evolution login screen re-activated;
  • Neocron Evolution music re-activated;
  • Hint of the day re-activated;

241 (2018-01-15)

Bug Fixes

  • Existing anti-cheat protection for belts fixed & reworked
  • Stutter bug when syncing or entering a sector should be fixed now

237-240 (2018-01-06)

Client / Server Updates / Preparation

  • Some preparations for a new gamemode were made - We'll share more information about this when the time is right
  • Bugfixes applied that fixes some random crashes
  • Some exploits were fixed
  • New GM interal features were added

The patch contains more internally stuff, code refactorings and some preparations needed for future updates.

236.1 (2017-09-14)


234-236 (2017-09-10)

15th Anniversary Patch 2017


  • New PSI WoC mission introduced. This includes a new PSI WoC item.
  • New melee WoC mission introduced. This includes a new melee WoC item.
  • Mission to enable/introduce charter transfers introduced. This mission is mandatory to make transfers available. More details in the transfer website thread.
  • Naming, item description and typos fixed for Ion Crossbow pistol blueprint and Ion Crossbow rifle
  • Fixed typos in all FSM scripts
  • Added VHC ammo trader to DRT
  • Fixed decal at DRT.
  • Increased the SL gain for the Jailhouse Charity missions (TODO add pages for these & link to them) once again.

Client updates

  • Added 15th Anniversary login screen.
  • The hint of the day has been temporarily disabled.

233 (2017-09-05)


  • a new server feature was implemented that allows us to set a specific gameserver to "AlwaysOn". The server was shutting down after 60s when the last player left the sector to save resources. With "AlwaysOn" we avoid the shutdown so NPCs, vehicles etc are not getting "frozen" until a player joins the sector again.

232 (31 July 2017)


  • The new loading system hasn't worked well on some machines so we have decided to roll it back to the previous version until this problem is sorted
  • This rollback addresses the fast-sync-feature only, not character or apartment data.

231 (30 July 2017)


  • Particle effects performance improved a bit
  • Loading performance on client start improved
  • Sector load and unload logic improved (Synclaming patch confirmed!)


  • FX-System caching logic altered - crashs on syncs eliminated caused by the previous version

230 (27 July 2017)


  • Dynamic lighting improved
  • Preload / Precache of actors improved a bit (should decrease loading stutters)

229 (24 July 2017)


  • A bug was fixed that made runners invisible after entering a new sector (Invis melee bug)


  • Some particles do emit light now

228 (23 July 2017)


  • Problem fixed that has denied the replication of weapon states (FIRE, RELOAD...) to clients

227 (22 July 2017)


  • Crash fixed that caused by the sound playback


  • Maximal polycount processing per scene increased x10


  • Client <-> server update mechanic altered - Should allow update over great distances (Gameworld) a swell

225-226 (16 July 2017)


  • DamageBoost should work on NPCs now
  • A bug in the hit detection was fixed - this bug lead to a wrong decision, it was too optimistic and in most cases you got the a positive decision result when the aim-recticle was fully opened


  • Rocketlaunchers, Fusion cannons and Raygun cannons should be more accurate now
  • Outpost hackterms are solid now - mostly. You may find some un-solid terms because these sectors are still *work in progress*
  • Removed several flying trees in the wastelands
  • Fixed several typos in scripts


  • Tweaked accuracy of AoE weaponry.
  • Slight damage increase for all heavy combat based AoE weaponry.
  • Self-inflicted AoE damage has been reduced from 175% to 125%
  • Anti Vehicle and Anti Air Rocket Launchers recieved a major buff in anti vehicle damage.
  • Slight decrease of Psi Attack damage.

224 (12 July 2017)


  • Stealth bug fixed by rewriting the entire client-server-sync code for effects


  • "Truesight Sanctum" has an increased tickrate and range
  • "Provoke enemy" is now working as intended
  • "Distract mind" is now working as intended

223 (11 June 2017)


  • A bug was fixed that leads to a crash when using multi lightning bolts or multi energy bolts
  • Network update tickrates increased


  • The Missiontext for the "NCPD has an eye on you" Mission was updated (Mission 3).

222.2 (25 May 2017)


  • Network update tickrates adjusted to ensure smooth movement
  • TEMP FIXED - "Warp bug" that leads to player that standing still.

222.1 (25 May 2017)


  • Network update tickrates lowered to the defaults
  • KK-Movement-Logic reenabled


  • Network update tickrates adjusted to ensure smooth movement
  • TEMP FIXED - "Warp bug" that leads to player that standing still.

219-222 (17 April 2017)

Client / Server

  • General stability updates for the client and server
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong default values for some gameplay settings - this should resolve the "standing still" bug.

221 (18 March 2017)

  • No patch notes

220 (18 March 2017)

  • No patch notes

219 (26 February 2017)

  • No patch notes

217-218 (2017-02-15)

Key Bindings Changed!

Please reassign your keys. In the key options click DEFAULT and from there start assigning your wished key bindings again. If you do not reassign your keys, formerly ALT+[KEY] combination will work on [KEY] only!

Faction Warzones

  • Club Veronique is now a Faction Warzone.
  • The Red Pepper Security guards will shoot runners that are hostile to the faction holding Club Veronique.
  • To hack a Faction Warzone requires 3 hackers.
  • DoY Sector 10 remains a Faction Warzone.

RPOS/UI fixes and improvements

  • Added /local, /buddy, /team, /direct and /custom commands to activate the corresponding chat channels when provided with no further text.
  • Added more options for the level designers regarding Wavespawns.
  • Added RPOS sorting to the items an NPC is selling. Click on the column titles Description, Sell or Buy to sort by them ascending or descending.
  • Added support for MBUTTON 5 to 8 (If supported by the mouse and drivers)
  • Item-swapping enabled, except for items in your inventory.
  • Item highlighting of recently changed items.
  • Double-click an item in armour or implant window moves that item to the inventory.
  • Holding SHIFT/CTRL on moving stacked items moves all or one item instead of asking the player in an dialog.
  • Added ALT+[KEY] bindings. Players can now decide which action shall be used with a ALT+[KEY] combination.
  • Added Loot-Rights. With ALT+0 to ALT+5 you can select who might be able to loot your NPCs. This applies just loot NPCs.
  • Increased NPC Dialog blending speed
  • Fixed NPC Dialog to not show the old answer options when blending the new dialog text
  • Fixed E-Mail count on effects list is now correct.
  • Fixed a bug causing rpos.ini to be deleted.
  • Fixed the buff timer animations.
  • Fixed correct display of armour values in the Armour Interface (F4) Values now match with the values from the item information.
  • Fixed furniture placing now correctly increases the free load on the player.

Droning fixes and improvements

  • Added new controls to drones. Droners can now control the distance to ground with Duck and Jump keybindings.
  • Fixed a problem with the view not correctly updating when dropping drone control.

Gameworld fixes

  • Fixed Viper King and Scorpion Queen item drops.
  • Fixed respawn for players after deaths in starter MC5 Hacknet sector.
  • You can no longer sit in the hack terminal in DoY sector 10.
  • Typo fixes in various NPC dialogs.
    • Mr. Jones Preacher Mission
    • MC5 Starter Mission (Tasha)
    • Tangent Epic Mission
    • WoC PSI Savant
  • The 2nd level sewer in Plaza 1 (Nearest to Medicare) is re-opened.
  • DoY sector 3 is re-opened.

Main menu fixes and improvements

  • Did you know? On the main menu you can now read info you may not know yet but might get handy.
  • The appearance can be customised with the [HINTOFTHEDAY] section of the RPOS.INI and FONT.INIi files. (See below)
  • Added the use of Browser keys Previous/Next in the main menu to go back/next.
  • Fixed Main-Menu key option menu: Using the up and down buttons does not require to select the centered action anymore before setting the key binding
  • Fixed Main-Menu character selection: The male heads should be now in the same position independent of character class. (Female to follow)
  • Fixed Main-Menu all: ESC key changed! It will return to the last menupoint instead of leaving the game. On the login menu the ESC will still prompt you to exit.
  • Fixed Main-Menu list boxes: Active list-boxes did scroll on key repeat events, even when Neocron was not in focus.
  • ALT+TAB / ALT+F4 fixes while Splash-Screens are active.

Server and client stability fixes

  • Fixed "Configure Hardware" button in the Launcher.
  • Fixed a problem with syncing which leads to infinite syncing with 0SL and no items.
  • Fixed the despawn time of dead Wavespawn NPC's. You have now time to loot them.
  • Fixed a possible crash on closing Neocron just before it was completely initialised.
  • Fixed some server and client side stability issues on handling resources.
  • Fixed possible crash in maps with low bitdepth high resolution textures.
  • Fixed NPC synchronisation. You should no longer receive damage without seeing the shot animation/projectiles.
  • Fixed CPU high load on some systems or situations (i.e. inactive client at Fullscreen)
  • Crashes/players getting stuck in DoY Sector 3 were fixed.
  • The number of security layers for Outposts and Faction Warzones can now be configured by the NST.

Hotfix 218

  • Fixed slow syncing into worlds.
  • "Loot-Rights: Team" is now working as intended.

Known issues

  • Some NPC's are missing projectile animation.
  • The SMS settings in ini/player.ini are corrupted.
  • No faction messages are sent on the club hackterm.

New RPOS.INI and FONT.INI settings

  • Below are the new RPOS.INI Settings and their possible values in ranges [min..max] or listed as / separated options
   The default font values for hint of the day in FONT.INI

216.2 (2017-02-06)


  • Master of Tradeskilling on retail? Nice try ;-) (TODO means what?)

216.1 (2017-02-05)


  • NPC health decreased (-26%)

213-216 (2017-02-04)


  • Resists given by armor have been reduced;
  • Absorber, Deflector and Protector efficiencies have been lowered;
  • Overall player damage and NPC healthpools have been reduced;
  • Fixed mistakes with some fire and poison APU modules (Instant damage / DOT split was wrong);
  • Ray of Last Hope damage decreased

Known Issues

  • Wrong numbers will be displayed in your Armor interface (F4) once you equip armor.

212.5 (2017-01-20)


  • Kamizake Drone damage decreased by 50%

212.4 (2016-12-20)


  • 'DEFECTIVE' rares are now usable again.

212.3 (2016-12-18)


  • The new rare which were researchable are now marked as "DEFECTIVE". We are going to replace your legit rares as soon as possible but this will require a hard-update.

212.2 (2016-12-18)


  • The new rares (TODO which? links ItemDB?) are not researchable anymore

212.1 (2016-12-16)

Gameworld & NPCs

  • The safezone was removed from any HQ for this weekend testwise. Fight there at your own risk - There will be no fix for an eventual loss of soullight.

206-212 (2016-12-14)


  • Softupdate 205.1 + 205.2


  • A series of bugfixes to prevent server crashes when NPC are calling for help
  • Client stability improved - This is still work in progress, please report if you do have still crashes

Known Issues

  • The "Configure hardware" button from the launcher isn't working. The workaround is to hold down Shift when you click on "Play Neocron 2" button. Keep shift pressed until the hardware configuration screen comes up.

205.2 (2016-12-06)

Gameworld & NPCs

  • The XMAS NPCs shouldn't drop their weapon anymore.

205.1 (2016-12-06)

Gameworld & NPCs

204+205 (5th December 2016)


  • Fixed several server side crashes;
  • Fixed several client side crashes.


  • Soft Update 203.3;
  • MC5 Base Commander now correctly calls for help when being attacked. (No kiting him away from his friends anymore.)


  • Added new rare Automatic Pistol; (TODO name? ItemDB link?)
  • Added new rare Mini Rocket Launcher; (TODO name? ItemDB link?)
  • Adjusted balance of the Automatic Pistol Weapon Family;
  • Adjusted balance of the Mini Rocket Launcher Weapon Family;
  • This patch contains lots of treats in preparation for S.A.N.T.A-bot coming to town. Stay tuned!


  • Client.exe was renamed to NeocronClient.exe as preparation for some game recognition mechanics. Please make sure your firewall rules are fitting this.

203.3 (2016-12-04)


  • Server stability increased. Bufferoverflow and AccessViolation on server side fixed.

203.2 (2016-12-04)


  • Server stability increased. The weapon behavior was changed significant to avoid procedures that cause crashes on the worldhost

203.1 (2016-11-28)


  • HOLY RESTORATION should have now the right colored glove
  • Server stability increased. An another bug that could crash the server has been removed

203 (28th November 2016)


  • Client/Server stability increased. Sometimes the worldserver has crashed which resulted in a sync or throwback to the login - this should be fixed now
  • The Civil Administrator Mission (Starting Area - MC5) is now working as intended
  • HOLY RESTORATION should have now the right coloured glove (Softupdate 203.1)
  • Server stability increased. An another bug that could crash the server has been removed (Serverside update 203.1)
  • Server stability increased. The weapon behaviour was changed significant to avoid procedures that cause crashes on the worldhost (Serverside update 203.2)
  • Server stability increased. Buffer-overflow and AccessViolation on server side fixed. (Serverside update 203.3)


  • Softupdate 202.1
  • Return of the floats - Floats are visible on the info page again until we have fixed this with an overhaul of implants and armors
  • Ammo + mods of the SECOND LOVE can be found by the right trader now

202.1 (2016-11-27)

Gameworld & NPCs

202 (27th November 2016)


  • NPC resists are working now - a bug has deny any calculation of the damage reduction
  • Drones should now work as intented and they are not using the MC-Subskill for damage calculation anymore
  • Server selection should now be able to show a playercount beyond 100+ instead of "FULL"
  • Switching your current outfit should not lead into a corrupt character model anymore
  • Second Love should now be moddable with the ULTIMA mod
  • Mobspawn in AMC5 has been adjusted. More mission related mobs now spawn in the area around the mission NPCs. Increased general mobspawn for this sector.
  • The F8 missionwindows now displays the correct amount of missiontargets for the Wesley-mission (AMC5 tutorial)
  • Fixed vegetation with wrong textures or invisible LoD's


  • Softupdate 201.1 - 201.3
  • Buffs do have a new colored glove
  • You are now able to customize the damage numbers yourself. There are a bunch of available options you can use by simply combine the values bitwise (OR). You can use the command "/set ctrl_renderdamagemode x" ingame or add/set the "DamageAnimationFlags=" key to your preferred RPOSCOLOR.INI section. The value 0 restores the original behavior

Gameworld & NPCs

  • Chaos Cave Mobs damage has been increased (Softupdate 202.1)


  • HOLY RESTORATION is now using 30 psi power instead of 15.

201.3 (2016-11-25)


  • Mini-Rocket Launcher's standard ammo should work now as intended

201.2 (2016-11-24)


  • Toxic PSI-Module instant damage decreased, damage over time slightly increased
  • Mini-Rocket Launcher damage decreased

201.1 (2016-11-21)

Gameworld & NPCs

  • Chaos Cave Mobs health and damage has been adjusted
  • Grim Chaser health has been lowered but damage has been increased


  • Mini-Rocket Launcher, Standard Ammo is working well now

200+201 (13th November 2016)


  • Increased shot frequency of Raygun Pistols;
  • Increased damage output of Fusion Pistols;
  • Fixed a lighting issue in Viarosso Sector 2;
  • Fixed further geometry issues in Outzone Sector 7;
  • Fixed (removed) synaptic impairment impact of Loss of Memory pills;
  • Fixed 0% synaptic impairment requirement on PSI and some INT Loss of Memory pills;
  • Fixed distribution of Ionic Crossbow Rifle;
  • Fixed some server side crashes;
  • Fixed some client side crashes.


  • An instant restart server crash (everyone kicked, instant rejoin);
  • A crash effecting individuals resulting in a "mini rollback" on relog;
  • Character creation failing resulting in a "name already in use" error message.

Gameworld & NPCs

  • Chaos Cave Mobs health and damage has been adjusted (Softupdate 201.1)
  • Grim Chaser health has been lowered but damage has been increased (Softupdate 201.1)


  • Mini-Rocket Launcher, Standard Ammo is working well now (Softupdate 201.1)
  • Mini-Rocket Launcher's standard ammo should work now as intended (Softupdate 201.3)


  • Toxic PSI-Module instant damage decreased, damage over time slightly increased (Softupdate 201.2)
  • Mini-Rocket Launcher damage decreased (Softupdate 201.2)

199 (12th November 2016)

Enemy Wave Spawns

This new type of encounter allows areas of the game world to have their own difficulty curve. Initially weak enemies will be present allowing Runners to clear a sector quickly. Instead of this triggering the usual respawn of the exact same foes (or wait for Runners to leave and come back) something exciting happens – enemy reinforcements arrive!

Dependant on the sector, wave after wave of enemies will show up! Each wave will bring its own challenges as enemy types change and wave compositions adjust. Fighting a small number of powerful enemies can make way for a much larger wave of weaker opponents. As Runners progress through the waves they will need to work together to survive as their foes spawn randomly through the sector making each play through that little bit different.

Outzone Sector 7

After over a decade of being sealed behind a fence, Outzone 7 is now open and accessible to players. Thanks to a leap forward in our level editing toolset, we have fixed a significant number of issues with the map file; ladders now work, pits have escape routes and doors function properly.

We want runners to explore this sector and report any issues they find, so we can ensure they’re ironed out. Bringing this piece of the game world back to the players and making further repairs is a great test for our improved toolset. We’ll be investing time in fixing other map issues going forward, some of the initial fixes are detailed in the rest of the patch notes.

Outzone Sector 7 <3 Wave Spawns

A match made in heaven – previously inaccessible location meets new encounter type.

Everything is not as it seems in the dilapidated power plant within Outzone Sector 7. Mutants continue to roam the sector much like the rest of the Outzone but there is a hum of tension in the air.

Powerful new types of Mutants have been spotted in the sector. Burly Enforcers patrol the corridors along with the upper echelons of the mysterious group of mutated PSI Monks known as the Enlightened.

Take up arms and raid this new location to see how many waves of mutants you and your team can survive. Make sure to provide us feedback on this new encounter so we can improve it over time and bring these new mechanics to other areas of the game world.

All New Weapon Systems

Weapon damage is an essential part of Neocron’s underlying systems and plays a huge part within the game world – obviously! With the release of Neocron Evolution 2.3 we have completely re-implemented the weapon damage system. All code governing the behaviours of Rifles, Pistols, Heavy Weapons, Melee, Passive and Aggressive PSI has been entirely rewritten from the ground up.

Thus, we are now able to finely tune weapons either individually or by our newly created Weapon Families system. Having removed many bugs in weapon performance calculations, weapons are now more reliable and perform accurately in-line with our expectations when compared to our inputs.

For our Droners, stay tuned for a future update which will bring Drones in line too.

Weapon Balance

All weapon types have been adjusted to fall in line with a new weapon balance paradigm. More setups are now viable as many more weapons have feasible use cases. Aiming for the highest Tech Level weapon may no longer be the best approach. Dropping to a lower Tech Level may allow you to generate as much damage more quickly. It also finally opens the doors to setups which are not based on min-max values – more variety awaits.

Players are advised to experiment with their setup to find the perfect balance for their play style. There is a huge amount of change within weapon balance and some of this will be documented by Aegir, our balance boffin, in the coming days and weeks. The very best way of understanding the new balance is to play and get a feel for the different weapon types again. With huge improvements to the viability of melee combat for example, it might be a good time to try that melee tank you always intended to play!

Weapon Families

Weapons which share characteristics are now grouped into Weapon Families behind the scenes. This new concept allows us to control weapons on an individual or family level in a uniform manner. With rapid iteration in mind we can now finely adjust the behaviours and characteristics of all weapons in the game using our custom damage simulation tooling.

Weapon ammunition is now unique to each Weapon Family, allowing precise alterations to be made. More ammo types are available to ensure damage is more refined. Therefore, some of your weapons will need a new type of ammo.

You can find all new ammo types for your weapons at the same vendors as before. If you cannot find the ammo you require for your weapon at an in-game store, please let us know ASAP.

Wisdom of Ceres, Rare and Epic Weapon Bonuses

To create more variance in weapon setups we have removed the previous bonuses granted to weapons in the Wisdom of Ceres, Rare and Epic weapon categories. These are now properly balanced across the entire weapon range. Regular weapons are now more viable as a result.

With the removal of a specific damage bonus, this removes the reliance on these items in PVP.

Melee Combat

It has been requested for many many years that melee combat get some tender loving care - well today is the day. Melee combat has gotten some serious improvements to damage output and playability in Neocron Evolution 2.3 and the feedback we've had during testing is that melee is now a more viable class in many combat situations.

Hybrid PSI Monks

We have removed the negative effects of PSI Monk specialisation, bringing Hybrid PSI Monks back to the table. Hybrid PSI Monks should now pose a threat in combat but thanks to changes in shield mechanics and weapon balance they should not outstrip specialised PSI Monks in defence or damage output.

Advanced Damage Indicators

Indicators used to display the damage caused by Runners to their enemies have been re-implemented. Rather than a single figure illustrating the amount of HP lost by the target, the new advanced damage indicators are split across colour-coded damage types. At a glance Runners are now able to see exactly how effective their weapons are against their foes.

By default, damage types are represented by the following colours (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha):

  • Normal Damage – Red (255 50 35 255)
  • Force Damage – Red (255 50 35 255)
  • Piercing Damage – Red (255 50 35 255)
  • Fire Damage – Orange (255 127 39 255)
  • Energy Damage – Blue (0 128 255 255)
  • X-ray Damage – Teal (57 200 180 255)
  • Poison Damage – Green (0 210 0 255)
  • Psi Damage – Purple (160 40 170 255)
  • Vehicle Damage – Red (255 50 35 255)
  • Heal – Yellow (255 255 35 255)

All elements of the Neocron RPOS can be coloured to match your own personal style and new advanced damage indicators are no exception. The existing rposcolor.ini file has been extended with configurable options for all new indicators.

As we further improve the visual appearance of Neocron, our new advanced damage indicators are also in high definition. You’re now provided with a crisp and clear display of the carnage you’re causing which is a lot easier to read.

Item Window Improvements

We have implemented several improvements to the Item Window which appears when right clicking an item and selecting 'Show Info'. Weapons now show detailed information about their damage output across damage types. Through percentage indicators you can also gain an accurate understanding of your performance with the chosen weapon thanks to the all new weapon system.

Kill Tracking

New statistic systems have been implemented which collect various information going on in the game world. This includes a log of all Runner deaths in the game world and how they died. We’ll be making this information available via the Public API soon, allowing the production of kill boards and further stat analysis.

New Character Tutorial & Revamped Area MC5

Area MC5, the new player starting area, has been updated with several new missions. The new missions will explain several systems and skills to new players while also providing early XP progression. Both new and returning players are encouraged to play through these missions, this path through the lowest levels of the game aims to reduce the reliance on grinding.

From Area MC5 missions you can progress into Mr Jones’ mission line and in the future, we will be implementing the next post-Jones missions to aid your progression.

Area MC5 has been reworked completely to make the first steps in Neocron easier for new players. A new mission camp has been added. Info popups have been added. Spawns have been altered/adjusted. New decorations and additional traders have been added.

Mission System Improvements

Our new mission system technology has received several updates to improve performance. As well as removing the old maximum number of mission in the old system, the new system allows us to dynamically add missions to the game world without a patch.

Damage Logs Return

In one of our previous patches we moved damage calculation to the server to improve reliability. A casualty of this was the local damage log. We have re-enabled this with the Neocron Evolution 2.3 update. While damage calculation remains server side, we’re relaying some extra data to the client to reenable the damage log. The generated damage logs uses the original code and has not yet been updated, be aware results may vary.

Damage logging should only be used while testing your setup, as when enabled this may impact performance.

Pegasus Engine Updates

  • Increased maximum Fog Distance significantly, players can now see further;
  • Increased maximum permitted number of objects per sector dramatically;
  • Lighting effects have been adjusted for items, NPCs, projectiles and objects which emit light;
  • Particle system has been improved;
  • A new dynamic light particle has been added;
  • Rare weapon ‘swirlies’ now emit light onto surfaces in the game world;
  • Weapon projectiles now emit light onto surface in the game world;
  • Three new weapon effects have been implemented;
  • Particles in gravlifts have been improved;
  • Netcode update tickrate has been increased significantly;
  • We're now able to customise dynamic lighting for each shot effect individually;
  • Added support for 4K texture resolutions;
  • Updated texture and light map support from 8/16Bit to 24/32Bit, increasing colour palette and reducing colour banding.

Technical Updates

  • Server population is now reported in actual figures instead of percentages on the server selection screen;
  • Improved reliability of the ‘/set kill_self 1’ command between server and game clients;
  • Improved character gender identification in some programmatic situations;
  • Rewritten logic governing item condition impact on weapon performance;
  • Added global modifier for the severity of "broken legs";
  • Refactored logic governing Damage Over Time (DOT);
  • Position update rate for Drones has been increased;
  • Improved underlying logic for the performance of Drones;
  • Legacy code for Skill Influence for weapon damage has been replaced;
  • Reimplemented Hacknet character models for players entering Hacknet;
  • NPC's can now pull their dialogue strings from a resource file. In time, we will move NPCs over to this new system as it provides many benefits to be explored in the future;
  • Beam weapons should now display their hits correctly;
  • Shield system has been re-implemented;
  • Automatic Soul Light regeneration has been reactivated;
  • New "MISSED" shots have been implemented to better illustrate when individual projectiles do no damage;
  • Bugs were fixed in the length of STUN, DAMAGEBOOST and CONTAMINATION effects;
  • Improvements to NPC script handling;
  • Netcode has been updated to factor in increased data transmission for weapon data;
  • Stuns have been fixed + some general handling regarding temp. effects;
  • Gatling Cannon sounds have been normalised within the Weapon Family.

Gameplay Updates

  • Lowered movement speed malus for "broken legs";
  • Restored generic sound and visual impact indicators when being hit;
  • Added new sound and visual impact indicator effects for specific Weapon Mods;
  • Added fire impact effect to fire modded laser and pulse laser ammunition;
  • Adjusted effects for impact effects (explosion effect too big on certain weapons)
  • Added a small explosion effect to PSI Attack (it does force damage, after all)
  • Reduced impact of Item condition on weapon performance.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Stealth animation fixed;
  • Sniper rifle zoom fixed;
  • Fixed a crash in DOT logic;
  • Animations for decorative Rats, Seagulls and Crows have been restored;
  • Spawning of NPCs should no longer lead to occasional server desynchronization;
  • Clan pointers should no longer appear for Runners not in a Clan;
  • Fix applied which removes referenced resources on exiting the game, this is now faster;
  • Standard Rocket Ammo should now work as intended;
  • Several server side crashes were identified and fixed;
  • Several client side crashes were identified and fixed;
  • Positions of freezer rifles are adjusted;
  • Runners now gain experience for secondary main skills while in a team.


  • Added 3 new sets of furniture for Runner apartments:
  • Added Tech Level inventory labels to all tools without them;
  • Added I, II, III inventory label to Stealth Activators;
  • Added "R" inventory label to all remote tools;
  • Added PE and SPY inventory labels to Stealth Tools awarded from Mr Jones missions;
  • New rare Junk Knife BLACKMIST'S REMORSE has been implemented;
  • New rare Stiletto SOLINGEN'S FINEST has been implemented;
  • New rare line of sight heal module HOLY RESTORATION has been implemented;
  • New rare poison beam PSI module CAUSTIC RAIN has been implemented;
  • New rare experimental rifle SECOND LOVE has been implemented;
  • New Ionic Crossbow Rifle has been implemented.

Text Updates

  • Job description for the Rigger profession has been updated;
  • In-game welcome mail "Death in Neocron" has been updated to remove all references to backpacks and to provide up to date information;
  • Welcome Tip (Skill Advisor) in-game emails have been updated for Inquisitor, Field Medic and Preacher professions;
  • Several traders were selling “PSI Spells”, instead of Modules. Renamed 'Spells' to 'Modules' where applicable;
  • Info/help popups have been reviewed and their text updated appropriately;
  • New info/help popups have been added to help players and guide them through the new Area MC5 tutorial;
  • Info/help popups have been activated for all new characters;
  • Numerous spelling errors in the English language client have been corrected;
  • Numerous spelling errors in the German language client have been corrected;
  • Item names referring to NExT have been corrected;
  • Incorrect grammar has been corrected for research terminal missions in the German language client;
  • Fixed naming of Point Red Storage;
  • Naming schemes for ammo and weapon modifications have been amended.


  • A new retailer, Neokea, has moved into Viarosso Sector 3. They offer new ranges of luxury furniture available for Runner apartments;
  • Added overhauled/new cabinets to NPC trader;
  • Runners can now access Outzone Sector 7;
  • Fixed several issues with the Outzone Sector 7 map;
  • Added new wave spawn mechanic to Outzone Sector 7;
  • Fixed lighting issue in the Military Base Entrance map;
  • Reset position location of the Fallen Angels Tech Core has been fixed;
  • Fixed a map bug sending players to the wrong apartment lift when leaving Verizon Arcade apartments in Viarosso Sector 2;
  • Removed Yakarma and "FragZone" VOX adverts;
  • Flying and floating objects such as barrels, boxes and trees have been removed/fixed in the following sectors:
  • G_09, I_14, J_01, J_02, J_03, J_07, J_14, K_01, K_05.
  • Removed tree in Industrial Area Sec. 2;
  • Canyon Facility has now a Loss of Memory pill vendor;
  • Apartment Broker (Plaza Sector 1) now sells furnished Plaza and Viarosso apartments;
  • Minor visual changes to Military Base Sec. 1 and Biotech HQ, including decals, assets, floating objects and removed some obsolete textures;
  • Changed both YO's layouts in Military Base Sec. 1 to bring it in line with the Military look, replaced some crates with different textures, removed and added blood and dirt decals, added further Apartment numbering and fixed some floating objects;
  • A lighting issue was fixed in Military Base Entrance;
  • Removed smugglers without any function in J10 & K15;
  • Sign posts in Fortress Undergrounds are no longer chairs;
  • Blue Tech Haven furniture has been replaced with the correct grey variant in Fortress Undergrounds;
  • Improved spawn chance of Wood for boxes in Area MC5;
  • Floating boxes and barrels have been grounded in Fortress Undergrounds.

Graphic Updates

  • Overhauled doorbell textures;
  • Graphic asset file structure amended for better support of new client/server tooling;
  • Added various decal textures;
  • Updated versions of some foliage models have been added;
  • New PSI Glove models have been added for first person mode;
  • Fixed some missing texture references;
  • Fixed transparency for willows and reeds;
  • First Person effects for being on fire were adjusted;
  • Visual effects for Damage over Time status effects have been improved;
  • New intro splash screens for Neocron Support Team and Pegasus Engine;
  • New extro splash screen for Neocron Evolution social media;
  • Revised loading and login screen backgrounds.

Missions & NPCs

  • Several fixes across all Mr Jones new character mission scripts for English, French and German languages;
  • Mr Jones missions have been updated in the English, German & French versions of the client, moving them to NST mission technology;
  • Non-responsive NPCs in Mr Jones missions have been fixed. This includes common issues with NPCs such as the Dog, Construction Machine and Upload Terminal;
  • Relocated Mr Jones mission location ‘Biological Research Lab’;
  • Fixed names of Canyon Facility X1-3 keys/apartments, now correctly labelled as Montag Barracks;
  • Fixed names of Canyon Facility X4-6 keys/apartments, now correctly labelled as Rodriguez Barracks;
  • "Fergusson" should now always spawn automatically at the correct position;
  • The 'Biological Research Lab’ has now a new home in Plaza Sec 3;
  • Regants Faith Mission updated;
  • Significantly decreased the amount of credits you need for the Neocare Jailhouse Missions and also doubled the amount of SL you get;
  • Non-responsive NPCs in the NExT Epic Mission have been fixed;
  • Twilight Guardian trade skill quick job missions no longer send the player Plaza Sector 2;
  • The Bright 'n' Clean Coordinator in Area MC5 is now able to give you a mission;
  • Fixed a possible exploit in Tsunami Epic mission;
  • 'Enlighted' PSI Mutants mobs are now correctly labelled as 'Enlightened';
  • Added several new tiers of Enlightened PSI Mutants;
  • Several tiers of new Enforcer mutants have been added;
  • A new variation of Drom has been added;
  • City Merc Epic mission 6 has been altered/fixed. Marcel should not attack you anymore while you are still reading the dialogue;
  • A trader for Hacknet items has been added to Area MC5;
  • Health increased for very high level enemy NPCs;
  • Health adjusted globally for enemy NPCs inline with adjusted damage output of player characters.


  • Implemented initial values for drone speed and damage (as a baseline for testing and further adjustments);
  • Reduced overall damage of Drones;
  • Tripled range of Gatling Drones;
  • Reduced effectiveness of Kamikaze Drones by half;
  • Implemented set damage values for Kamikaze Drones;
  • MR Drone series now uses single target homing missile again.


  • APU damage reduced overall and further reduced for Halo, Lance, Ball, Bolt and Barrel types (non-rare damage was too high);
  • Protector efficiency raised a bit;
  • Parashock and Damageboost Sanctum duration increased to 30 seconds;
  • Heal Sanctum duration increased from 30 to 90 seconds;
  • Heal Group duration increased from 30 to 60 seconds;
  • PPU Psi Energy requirements overhaul (for commonly used modules):
    • Crahn Holy DamageBlocker TL 96 : 125 -> 62.5;
    • Crahn Holy AntiParalyse TL 102 : 125 -> 62.5;
    • Crahn Blessed DamageBlocker TL 84 : 100 -> 50;
    • Crahn Holy Absorber Sanctum TL 102 : 93.075 -> 46.54;
    • Crahn Heat Resist Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Supporter Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Spy Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn PSI Combat Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Hazard Resist Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Drone Combat Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Rifle Combat Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Pistol Combat Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Heavy Combat Booster 3 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Melee Combat Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Basic Resist Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Construction Booster 3 TL 95 : 86.688 -> 43.34;
    • Crahn Holy Heal Sanctum TL 91 : 83.038 -> 41.52;
    • Crahn Holy Protector Sanctum TL 84 : 76.65 -> 38.33;
    • Crahn Blessed Absorber Sanctum TL 78 : 71.175 -> 35.59;
    • Crahn Basic Resist Booster 2 TL 75 : 68.438 -> 43.22;
    • Crahn Hazard Resist Booster 2 TL 75 : 68.438 -> 43.22;
    • Crahn Heat Resist Booster 2 TL 75 : 68.438 -> 43.22;
    • Crahn Holy Group Absorber TL 105 : 64.313 -> 32.2;
    • Crahn Holy Deflector Sanctum TL 69 : 62.963 -> 31.99;
    • Crahn Blessed Protector Sanctum TL 67 : 61.138 -> 30.57;
    • Crahn Holy Group Heal TL 98 : 60.025 -> 30;
    • Crahn Blessed Heal Sanctum TL 58 : 52.925 -> 26.46;
    • Crahn Spy Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Heavy Combat Booster 2 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Rifle Combat Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Drone Combat Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Supporter Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Construction Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn PSI Combat Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Pistol Combat Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Melee Combat Booster 2 TL 55 : 50.188 -> 25.1;
    • Crahn Holy Group Protector TL 80 : 49 -> 24.5;
    • Crahn Blessed Group Absorber TL 79 : 48.388 -> 24.2;
    • Crahn Holy Absorber TL 95 : 43.938 -> 30;
    • Crahn Holy Heal TL 85 : 39.313 -> 25;
    • Crahn Holy Protector TL 71 : 32.838 -> 30;
    • Crahn Holy Deflector TL 64 : 39.6 -> 30;
    • HOLY ABSORPTION TL 108 : 33.75 -> 25;
    • HOLY PROTECTION TL 104 : 32.5 -> 25;
    • HOLY DEFLECTION TL 100 : 31.25 -> 25.


  • Credits updated.

198 (16th December 2015)

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • A bug was fixed which lead to some random desyncs in the past - the world data has been rebuilt to match to the latest format
  • A bug was fixed regarding the new mission system - mission data is now correctly loaded

This patch lays the foundation for the upcoming *BIGPATCH*, which encompases many of the changes made to Vedeena in the last 12 months.


  • Tangent Technologies proudly preset it's latest version of S.A.N.T.A. BOT

197 (4th January 2015)

Hotfix patch for R192:

  • Health bars for NPCs with particularly high health now display correctly
  • Remote repair tools should now function again as normal

195/196 (4th January 2015)

Hotfix patch for R192:

  • Team pointers have been reenabled to display the health of team members in the same sector
  • New Feature: Clan pointers have been added to display the health of clan members in the same sector. Clan pointers can be toggled using ALT+J or with the /set ctrl_showclanarrows command. This toggle is available as we appreciate high quantities of labels may be problematic for larger clans.
  • CopBots have been equipped with new rifles which deal increased damage and have a slight stun effect
  • A number of high level monsters - including warbots, doom harbringers and other high level encounters - have more health and deal increased damage

193/194 (4th January 2015)

These hotfix patches contained small updates to re-enable support for Windows XP. Please note that Neocron's support for Windows XP will be discontinued at some point in the future. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, as per their guidance we urge all Windows XP users to upgrade their operating system as soon as possible.

192 (1st January 2015)

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Neocron's source code has been updated to make use of a newer runtime version. In order to continue playing Neocron you will need to download the latest verion of vcredist_x86.exe from Microsoft. Regardless of your operating system version, you need the x86 version of the download. Neocron is a 32bit application and as such requires the 32bit version. A new version of the Neocron Community Edition installer was made available on for new and returning users.
  • A bug was fixed that caused sudden death after synchronising
  • A bug was fixed which allowed sanctum spells to 'overcast' better PSI manipulations
  • A crash was fixed which could occur during character creation.
  • A crash was fixed which could occur when casting PSI modules
  • A crash was fixed which could occur when using team invites
  • New commands added to our mission scripting language
  • New features have been added to the mission system. While these are not visible to you yet, they will enable us to create more and better missions.

New Features

  • AFK Flags have been implemented. You can set your afk state via command /set afk 1 (0 to remove AFK). When enabled Runners will have "AFK" next to their name when targeted.
  • A new option has been added to the Hardware Configuration window, players can now toggle dynamic lighting on some NPCs. This option is set to off by default.


  • An early version of a new kind of NPC was added
  • WAITER NPCs did not correctly hide/duck to "evade" from players with weapons, this has been fixed. NPCs of this kind will be introduced in future updates.
  • PMAN NPCs should now stop when players talk or trade with them, this kind of NPC will flee from players with weapons but not from CopBots. When on patrol this kind of NPC should now correctly greet when encountering players. NPCs of this kind will be introducted in futue updates.
  • NPCs can now have much higher health
  • Health values of some NPCs have been adjusted
  • A bug was fixed to prevent NPC Health from jumping when they move
  • Several unique high level kill target NPCs no longer give XP when attacked or killed
  • Faction and City Guards no longer give XP when attacked or killed
  • The NPC dialog mechanic has been revamped but remains a work in progress.


  • A new category "FEEDBACK" has been added to the in game bug tracker
  • Color codes to indicating the items quality added but just for Info-Windows at moment.


  • All Rare and WoC weapons have been modified - this is still work in progress your feedback is needed and very welcome

Client-Server Interactions

  • Health regeneration has been removed from the client, health calculations are now carried out server-side.
  • Synchronisation of health has been reworked. Runner health should now update instantly without 'jumping'
  • Damage calculation has been removed from the client, damage causations are now carried out server-side
  • Synchronisation of damage has been reworked. Damage should now be applied more smoothly, preventing runner health from 'jumping'
  • Beam weapons should now hit their target more often thanks to changes made to damage synchronisation.
  • Synchronisation and behaviour of Death-Flags has been reworked. This should eliminate bugs when using resurrection modules ("the rezz-bug").
  • Leg damage is no longer realised using the inventory load code. Movement penalties for damaged legs are calculated independently now.
  • Handling of leg damage has was reworked. Movement speed updates are more frequent now and you can "fix" legs by healing them directly.

Graphics Update!

  • New splash screens have been added for the Neocron Support Team, Reakktor and Pegasus. you can see these when Neocron starts. Pegasus is the codename for the newer Neocron Client, our development framework, backend services and all the developments we have made since taking over the Neocron project in 2012.
  • A new version of the NPC dialogue window was added. The new NPC dialogue experience is still a work in progress.
  • A significant number of graphic assets have been re-created from scratch in a much higher resolution. A smaller number of entirely new assets have also been created and added. You can see these new graphics across the entire game world. The list of updates graphic assets includes:
    • Most pro-City Administration retailer logos/signs
    • All faction logos/signs
    • All holographic traffic system signs (inner city)
    • Metal traffic system signs (Outzone)
    • Holographic frames
    • Most advertisements for in-game products and businesses
    • Most graffiti spray paint style signs
    • Warning and hazard signs
    • Most miscellaneous posters and litter decorations
    • Blood and other liquid splatters
    • Grime, dirt, rust, mould, crack and damaged material textures
    • Club Jailhouse specific decorations including logos and graffiti
    • Tech Haven information system signs
    • Sewer entrance hatch textures
    • Rotten box textures, including new varieties with company logos
    • MedKit textures
    • Terminator Assault Quads have a slightly sharper texture
    • ...and many more!


  • A number of improvements have been made to the NavRay, with the aim of making navigation easier for both new and existing players.
  • Several menu and sub menu names have been updated/corrected in NavRay
  • NavRay menus have been updated with several additional locations across the game world:
  • References to Con Center and Job Centre have been updated to unify spelling
  • Mr Jones Mission locations are more clearly marked in NavRay
  • Faction names have been corrected in the NavRay
  • NavRay routing has been improved in Plaza 2. Several routing issues have been resolved.
  • NavRay routing has been improved in the Pepper Park District. Several routing issues have been resolved.
  • NavRay routing has been added to all subway station platforms
  • NavRay routing has been added to subway tracks. Runners will now be advised to use the subway when travelling in Neocron City.
  • NavRay now functions in the Outzone Apartment Complex (1, 2 & 3)
  • NavRay routing has been added to the Outzone Apartment Complex (1, 2 & 3)
  • NavRay routing has been updated in the Twilight Guardian Canyon Facility. Among others, this corrects the issue of finding the Canyon's All Buyer with the NavRay.
  • NavRay now functions in Military Base Sec-1
  • NavRay routing has been added to Military Base Sec-1


  • The first mission from our mission writing contest, "NPCD has an eye on you", has been implemented. Agent Jones is waiting for you in front of NCPD Headquarters in Viarosso Sector 3.
  • Since Neocron's maximum limit for missions (runs with more than 1 mission) had been reached by Reakktor, we had to implement a new system to handle mission implementation. This is the first mission which uses the new system.
  • New low/mid-level mission "Canyon Secret Service" has been introduced. This missions starts in the Canyon Facility and has (new) Twilight Guardian Runners travel to Neocron City.
  • Tech Haven Corporate Contacts missions (missions to gain faction sympathy) have had the number of kill targets reduced. Each mission now also rewards more Faction Sympathy.
  • New missions have been added to the Outzone Jailhouse allowing Runners with negative Soul Light to gain Soul Light. More info on these missions is below.
  • CityCom delivery missions for City Mercs now correctly display NPC and Sector names in mission dialogue
  • Black Dragon CityCom missions no longer direct players to Tsunami Syndicate HQ Recruiters
  • Regant PA Run (final mission: old dirty conster) has been updated.

Game World

  • A number of signs and other graphics have been tweaked/repositioned in City Administration HQ
  • A number of signs and other graphics have been tweaked/repositioned across the Plaza District
  • A number of signs and other graphics have been tweaked/repositioned across the Viarosso District
  • A number of signs and other graphics have been tweaked/repositioned across the Pepper Park District
  • A number of signs and other graphics have been tweaked/repositioned across the Subway and Outzone District
  • A number of signs and other graphics have been tweaked/repositioned in Outposts across the Wastelands
  • Audio announcements have been added to the Subway when arriving and departing each station. This audio should assist new players when navigating Neocron City.
  • Voice announcement added when players enter the ConCenter
  • Voice announcement added when players enter City Administration HQ
  • Ambient music has been restored to several retailers in Plaza Sec-1

Outzone Sector 8, Club Jailhouse

  • This is the first step of our rework of the Jailhouse, Soul Light and Anarchy Breed. Outzone 8 is intended to be a safe haven for negative Soul Light Runners, giving more options to players who choose to play with negative soul light. More changes will arrive in the future.
  • Added a medical area, allowing negative Soul Light Runners to obtain medical supplies
  • Added a shopping area for consumables, allowing negative Soul Light Runners to obtain ammo, parts and substances.
  • Added a Yo's Pawn Shop All Buyer, allowing negative Soul Light Runners to sell off junk and other items
  • Added NPCs, decorations and new HD decals and actors
  • Changed some NPC Models, NPC Weapons (Guards) and NPC locations.
  • New repeatable mission "NeoCare in the Community" has been introduced. A low and high level version of this longer mission is available, allowing runners to re-gain a larger amount of Soul Light. These missions start in the new medical area of Outzone 8.
  • A new repeatable mission, "Jailhouse Good Guys", has been implemented. A low (level 30-44), mid (45-54) and high level (55+) version of this mission is available, allowing Runners to gain Soul Light. These missions start in the bar area of Club Jailhouse within Outzone 8.
  • The high level mission currently uses the Anarchy Breed Camps from the Tech Haven Corporate Contact missions (AB-Harrasser and Aggressors). This will be changed / these camps will be reworked and new camps will be added in a future patch. TODO add mission info


  • Added permanent CityCom and GoGuardian near zone entrance
  • Improved the placement of guards in the sector
  • Updated signage to reflect changes in Military Base Sec-1
  • Add new decorations


  • Fixed the positions of many static actors and NPCs
  • Revamped signage in the zone to improve navigation
  • Revamped the Bar/Dancer area to improve seating and usability
  • Added extra decoration in the form of new decals
  • Added ambient audio to shops to add atmosphere
  • Added a bank of CityComs to the middle of the zone
  • Fixed the position of many static actors e.g. floating boxes
  • Moved several City Merc Contact Person NPCs closer to the Entrance zone line to ease frustrations with trade skill missions.


  • Dancing is no longer restricted to Neocron 2 era NPCs. Everyone's favourite dancer in Pepper Park Sector 2 is once again getting her groove on
  • Leaning against walls is no longer restricted to Neocron 2 era NPCs. Black Lily now looks a lot more relaxed for the first time since 2004
  • In game welcome mail "Death in Neocron" has been updated to remove references backpacks
  • Fixed a typo in NExT's faction description found on the CityCom
  • Ammo for Mini Rocket Launchers is now sold by the correct Pistol Ammo vendor
  • Moved Hogan Dunfield to a new location again, to reduce exploit possibility
  • Added a guard to the lower floor of the Tsunami Syndicate HQ to improve security in the sector
  • NPC Inquisitor Kaine has been moved to a new location within the same sector.
  • New NPCs have been spotted in the Canyon Facility
  • New NPC Massahiro can be found in Tsunami Syndicate HQ selling emergency supplies of Valadium to loyal Tsunami Runners
  • New NPC Crazy Ivan can be found in Tsunami Syndicate HQ selling emergency supplies of XOR Chips to loyal Tsunami Runners
  • Fixed the inventory image, name and price of furniture item DoY Bed
  • Fixed the inventory image, name and price of furniture item DoY Bed with Light
  • Plants in Pepper Park apartments no longer function as Gene Replicators
  • Belts should no longer drop in sector C 07 (Tyron Factory)
  • Freezer Rifles now correctly sit on the players back when viewed from 3rd person perspective.
  • Fixed the item description of the TL 29 Crahn Blessed DamageBoost
  • Fixed the item description of the TL 41 Crahn Blessed DamageBoost Sanctum
  • When put on the floor, Greg's Medkits now use the correct medical kit model
  • Boobs & Guns now use all four Neocron 2 era dancer models as vendors
  • The XP and Money Malus of LE wearing players are now visible in the implants window.
  • Outzone Apartment Complex access interfaces have been renamed to follow the standard apartment naming schema.

190-191 (13th November 2014)

R190 was intended to fix the following (on the test server):

  • Fix for the death after sync bug
  • Fix for the sanctum overcast bug

The patch was intended for the test server, but was accidentially applied to the release server. source As a remedy, R191 was published to undo the misplaced changes and get the release servers back into the state of R189 patchlevel.

189 (10th April 2014)

Technical Updates & Bug Fixes

  • A reproducible server crash has been fixed.
  • Blueprints are now limited to 10 or fewer items.
  • A new option has been added to the Hardware Configuration window, players can now select whether Neocron should run in multi-core mode or be assigned to a single processor core. Depending on your machine's specification, changing this option may result in a performance improvement.
  • Dynamic lighting options in the Hardware Configuration window have been fixed. Changing them now actually has an effect!
  • Restored the original resurrection animation from pre-R#186. Should you like to see it behaving differently, please tell us in the feedback thread!

Balancing Related Changes

  • Fixed movement of drones by reverting to pre-R#186 movement values. The automagic balancing tool adjusted additional fields by mistake.
  • Damage over Time (DoT) has been limited to a maximum of 10% of the total damage output of any given weapon.
  • A bug causing PvE DoT corrections to be applied twice has been fixed.
  • A boundary limiting the minimum DoT output for a given weapon has been removed.
  • Damage of NPC AoE weapons has been increased by a factor 2.

Changes to DoT

Further information on changes to how DoT now functions can be found below.

Removal of the lower boundary for DoT:

DoT was previously restricted by a lower boundary, preventing DoT ticks from causing less than 1.0 damage per tick. [u]This boundary existed as damage of less than 1.0 is not correctly shown to the player during combat[/u]. However, this had an unintended side-effect where some weapons - such as WoC Rifles modded for DoT - were stronger than they should have been. We have removed this lower boundary to prevent this from happening. We will revisit the damage composition of the affected weapons [url=]in Phase 1.5[/url].

As a side effect of this change you may notice weapons which are modified for DoT, do not show tick damage above an enemy's head while the DoT stack is in effect. Correcting issues in DoT's performance is a priority issue for us so we are delivering this change as is. The minor aesthetic glitch introduced with this change will remain present for the time being and will be tackled in one of the next patches which will introduce Balancing Phase 1.5. To confirm your weapons are working correctly, if you look closely (at the damage logs) you will see the damage is actually being applied to your target.

Limiting the maximum percentage of DoT to 10%:

We redistributed the damage dealt with weapons that cause instant damage and DoT together. The total amount of damage remains unchanged as well as the time a DoT stack lasts on the runner, the only thing changed is the damage proportion. This will ease some of the recent confusion about DoT and the Devourer problem: a significant portion of the damage is applied later than the initial hit making subsequent shots with the same weapon feel stronger than they are.

Another point to this is that many people think it is unfair to be able to die by DoT after one killed his/her opponent. However the truth is (keep in mind we tuned everything to have equal DPM on equal TL): if he would have used an instant damage weapon with the same damage-output instead, he still would have killed you! He would have killed you the moment he applied his last hit to you, instead of giving you a chance to kill him while his lethal stack ticked down on you.

186-188 (5th-6th August 2014)



  • Changed the use of USELOCALPORT in 'path/to/neocron/ini/updater.ini':
    • USELOCALPORT=0 now randomises the port on every client launch
    • SELOCALPORT=1 means using a predefined port via LOCALPORT=xxx
  • The availability of port randomisation allows multiple clients to be launched (dual logging) without player intervention.


  • Outpost Turrets are available for use and purchase once again.
  • Outpost Turrets no longer move/slide when fired upon or damaged.
  • Outpost Turrets can no longer be placed inside of each other.


  • Display of NPC dialogue when talking directly to an NPC has been revamped, this includes a new RPOS background image.
  • CopBot AI has been updated to include previously deactivated and unused audio. CopBots use this audio when ending dialogues, pursuing players, killing players, and upon losing their target.
  • Wandering NPCs with the PMAN AI now stop and face the player when talking or trading with them.
  • Wandering NPCs with the PMAN AI now correctly greet runners.
  • Wandering NPCs with the PMAN AI now only flee from players with weapons and not other NPCs such as CopBots.
  • Static NPCs with the WAITER AI now correctly hide/duck to "evade" players with weapons.
  • NPCs that use the WAITER and PMAN AI scripts will be introduced in future patches to increase atmosphere in the game-world.


  • Client.exe now has an appropriate icon, players who use Windowed Mode will be able to more readily identify the Neocron Client
  • Added New configuration options to the Hardware Configuration window. Players can now control dynamic lighting of shots, casting of shadows and more!
  • Decrease in dynamic light intensity with distance from the light source has been flattened. Dynamic lights now cast light over longer distances.
  • Character stats updates should now be enforced right after synchronising.
  • Due to the significant re-factoring of underlying code, some particle effects (weapon shots, explosions etc) now look slightly different.
  • Calculation of the effective frequency for weapons in the item information window should be fixed.
  • Root cause of common "Bad World Data" bug identified and fixed server-side. Existing temporary work around has been removed.
  • Server health reporting services have been added server-side to assist with monitoring of the game server.
  • World host tracking has been added server-side for better identification of sectors which run into difficulty.
  • Taught the login server to reconnect to the account database in case the connection is lost.


  • When leaving a clan Runners will keep their own sympathy rating toward the faction, instead of inheriting the Clan sympathy rating.
  • Locked messages for Gene Replicators, Venture Warps, Apartment Interfaces and Vendors have been updated.
  • Players are no longer kicked for being AFK with a drone in flight. You will still be kicked for being AFK if the drone becomes idle.
  • Behaviour of AoE weapons has been updated to prevent abuse by LE equipped players.
  • Frequency values shown in weapon info windows have been fixed.
  • Instant death after zoning out of HackNet should be fixed.
  • The update rate of health and damage related packages has been increased to decrease the number of players dying due to heart attacks while hunting.



  • The frequency of weapons has been fixed for each weapon. Weapon frequency is no longer based on the player's skill point setup.
  • Characteristics of weapons - frequency, shot count, handling, etc. - have been left untouched unless otherwise stated.
  • Aggressive damage over time effects - contamination, fire, x-ray, poison and energy stacks - have been reworked and should now work as intended.
  • Damage output of all weapons is now balanced according to Tech Level.
  • Weapons with the same Tech Level from the same category - pistol, rifle, etc. - should now do the same amount of damage per minute/second, this is now independent of whether they do damage over time or instantly.
  • Player vs Player damage has been lowered by a factor ~2
  • Damage output (both PvP & PvE) of AoE weapons has been lowered by a factor of ~2
  • Compared to the damage per minute/second of Heavy Combat Weapons:
  • Drones do 10% less damage.
  • Melee Weapons do 7.5% more damage
  • Pistols and Rifles do 10% more damage
  • APU Spells do 15% more damage
  • All Weapons now receive an additional damage boost of at most 2.5% based on their aiming speed
  • All Weapons now receive an additional damage boost of at most 2.5% based on the number of shots in a burst
  • Damage types introduced by different weapon modifications have been equalized. Modified weapons deal the same amount of damage as unmodified weapons, the modification causes damage to be divided across damage types.


  • Beam weapons should now work exactly as burst weapons do.
  • The behaviour of bursts have been fixed.
  • Instead of a monotonous pew, pew, pew, pew... burst weapons should now do a pew, pew, pew, wait, pew, pew, etc... again
  • Clip size differences between 'Rare' and 'Normal' weapons have been removed.
  • Disruptor burst lowered to 3 instead of 4 shots
  • Reticule closing speed of the Disruptor has been lowered
  • Removed the range effect from Devourer-like, Ray of God-like and Lightbringer-like weapons
  • Fixed a bug in the damage balancing for shotguns


  • Drones deal less damage (as above) as Droners do not need to engage in combat situations physically, they only engage in combat remotely via their drones.


  • Aiming for Melee weapons has been changed to mirror APU damage calculations, see below for details.


  • High frequency spells should now work as intended
  • PSI use has been changed to operate with a new calculation, see below for details.
  • A minor bug in the calculation of the casting time for spells has been fixed


  • PSI Shields have been rebalanced
  • PSI Heals have been rebalanced
  • Duration of single target, sanctum and group PSI Heals has halved (60 to 30 seconds).
  • With the move of anti-shielding spells from PPU back to APU, PPUs lost a lot of their workload.
  • Removed the healing effect from all applicable tiers of the following spells:
    • Anti Contamination
    • Anti Energy
    • Anti Poison
    • Anti Fire
    • Anti X-Ray
    • Holy Catharsis
  • All applicable tiers of the following spells are now classed as passive by NPCs and can be used in Safe Zones:
    • AntiPoison
    • AntiFire
    • AntiEnergy
    • AntiXray
    • AntiContamination
    • AntiParalyse
    • DamageBlocker
    • Holy Catharsis
    • Holy Exorcist


  • The frequency of several single target APU spells has been increased, primarily of those which previously had a very low frequency, like e.g. the holy lightning or the fire apocalypse
  • Frequency of all APU spells has been raised
  • APU aiming correction has been changed, see below for details.
  • All applicable tiers of the following spells have been moved back to APU from PPU:
    • Anti Deflector
    • Anti Absorber
    • Anti Protector
    • Anti Heal
    • Holy Unprotector
  • Casting time of the "Holy Unprotector" has been changed to 4 seconds
  • Casting time of the "Anti Protector/Absorber/Deflector/Heal" spells have been changed to:
    • 3.5 seconds for the normal version
    • 3 seconds for the blessed version
    • 2 secondsfor the holy version


  • Duration of HackNet heal effects has also been halved (60 seconds instead of 120 seconds)
  • HackNet weapons/shields/heals have been balanced according to the same rules as other weapons/shields/heals


  • Nanite tools have been balanced according to the same rules as their PSI counterparts.
  • Nanite and psi heals on the same tl should now be en par


  • An additional damage boost given to NPCs/Mobs based on their level has been removed. This is now achieved by the Tech Level dependence of weapons.



All AoE weapons (psi barrels, psi multi target bolts, rocket/grenade launchers, ray gun and fusion cannons) with the exceptions of Ball Blast Spells have been altered and rebalanced in line with their Tech Level. Ball Blast Spells have been excluded for now. We did that because AoE weapons are intended to hit multiple targets at the same time. Giving them the exact same dpm output on a single target basis would just not be fair, so we halved the AoE damage, therefore assuming to hit at least to targets with AoE weapons per shot.


Aiming speed is now based on a multiplicative correction calculated as follows: [i]correction = 1 + 0.025f * ((highestAimSpeed - w.AimingSpeed) / aimingSpeedDifference)[/i], where aimingSpeedDifference denotes the aiming speed difference between the weapon with the highest aiming speed and the lowest and w.AimingSpeed denotes the aiming speed of the current weapon to be balanced.


Previously the APU did 65% of his intended damage by default if "his aim was closed less than 65%", if it was closed further he did more damage, up to 100% if it was fully closed. This had been implemented to compensate for the fact that compared to other weapons, the APU's casts would not miss their target. We have changed this as follows: the baseline damage output of the APU is now 90% instead of 65%. Depending on how much his reticule is closed when starting the cast, this will increase to 100% if the APU's aim is fully closed.


Melee damage calculation now works the same as APU damage calculation. The actual damage now depends on the closure of the player's reticule and gets multiplied by a factor: 0.90f + 0.1f * max(min(ReticuleClosure * 0.01f, 1.0f), 0.0f), where ReticuleClosure is given in percent.


PSI usage is now calculated using the following formula: techlevel*15.0f / frequency


Is a multiplicative correction calculated as follows: correction = 1 + 0.025f * ( 1 + (w.shotCount - highestBurstCount) / burstDifference), where an analogous naming convention has been used.


According to the few reports we have so far received, HackNet is rather messed up. Please tell us what is messed up so we can fix it as soon is possible. We apologize to all runners who love the HackNet and who frequently use it, we will do our best to get it sorted out as soon as possible.


Phase two will be delivered faster than phase one. Balancing patches as well as patches in general will move to smaller sizes in the future, so we can iterate more often! This is due to the ground work we have put in place during this extended development period and time we have invested in the production of our tool set. Thank you very much for patience and all your support throughout the last few weeks and months! We really appreciate it! Now get onto Titan and rock! Sincerely, Your Neocron Support Team

Patches 187 and 188

Patches 187 and 188 Addressed a few bugs and issues of 186

  • Fixed Hacking (187)
  • Fixed Droning (187)
  • Client and Server stability fixes (187 and 188)

185 (3rd October 2013)

HotFix patch to address some of the issues of 184

  • Fixed server stability issues encountered throughout the last days
  • Fixed missing textures
  • Lowered hack difficulty of faction warzone terminals to the same level as outposts

184 (29th September 2013)

This is a feature patch release.

Technical Changes

  • Fonts are now configurable, see fonts.ini inside your Neocron client's ini subfolder
  • Reworked state synchronization of weapons, this should fix issues like e.g. a different number of hits registering on the server- and client-side

Faction Warzones

  • This feature is to be considered an ALPHA release.
  • Faction warzones are a new feature which allows whole factions to work as a team, capturing sectors of the gameworld to reap the benefits.
  • Dome of York Sector 10 is now a Faction Warzone.

Rare Parts

  • Un-researched Rare Parts will now stack as L, T and E parts, regardless of what part they will become once researched.
  • Un-researched MC5 Parts will now stack in a single independent stack, regardless of what part they will become once researched.


  • Added a legend to the sector map.


  • Re-enabled automatic faction sympathy gain
  • The reticule is now being reset after switching weapons
  • After shooting you will have to wait at least 'shot-time' before being able to switch weapons
  • Several errors in the calculation of the line of sight for weapons have been fixed which should improve beam weapons
  • Standing up from a chair now correctly holsters the weapon


  • Several sector names have been adjusted to bring them into line with existing standards and changes to Faction Names.

Plaza District

  • Name corrected for 'Plaza / Mainstreet' apartment complex in Plaza Sector 1.
  • Name corrected for 'Plaza / Center' apartment complex in Plaza Sector 1.
  • Name corrected for 'Plaza / Comfy Cubicle' apartment complex in Plaza Sector 2.
  • Nexus Tower sign post typo corrected in Plaza Sector 2.

Pepper Park District

  • The 'Black Dragon' apartment complex has been renamed to 'Trancium Block' in Pepper Park Sector 3.
  • New Black Dragon Runners now start with the correct, smaller, Pepper Park apartment.
  • New Tsunami Syndicate Runners now start with the correct, smaller, Pepper Park apartment.
  • CopBots have been removed from the Pepper Park Subway Station.
  • Hogan Dunfield has moved to an alternative location in Pepper Park Sector 3.
  • Recreation Units in Pepper Park Clan Apartments now function correctly

Outzone District

  • New Brotherhood of Crahn Runners now start their lives in the Outzone.
  • New Brotherhood of Crahn Clans will now find their apartments in the Outzone.
  • Beds in Outzone Starter Apartments now function as Recreation Units providing a healing facility for new Brotherhood of Crahn Runners

Canyon Facility

  • New Twilight Guardian Runners now start their lives in the Canyon Facility.
  • Canyon Apartment areas have been renamed to the Montag and Rodriguez Barracks, in memory of the late Nicole 'Chenoa' Montag.
  • Canyon apartment access interfaces/locations have been renamed accordingly.
  • Twilight Guardian have now secured supply routes to provide low to medium level equipment from rebel operated supply depots within the Canyon Facility.
  • Construction work in the Canyon Facility has reopened several sealed caves creating levelling locations for low level Runners.
  • Canyon Facility Caves have been renamed to Canyon Caves Lvl 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 to reflect new mob load outs.
  • Mob selection, distribution and density have been modified for the Canyon Facility Caves.
  • Canyon Facility's look and feel has received an overhaul.
  • A Wasteland Trader/Junk Dealer (All Buyer) has moved into the Facility with his traveling companion. He can be found at Yager's Inn to purchase all unwanted items.

Tech Haven

  • Tech Haven apartment access interfaces have been renamed from 'TechTown' to 'Tech Haven'.

Area MC5 (Tutorial Zone)

  • 'Bright n Clean' personnel have been moved to prevent issues with their spawn location.
  • The Nomad Trader camp has been moved to prevent issues with their spawn location.

Juggernaut Facility

  • Static Warbots in the Juggernaut Facility are no longer inside out.

Wasteland Sector E 12 (Canyon)

  • A pod of Arachnid Mutants have moved into the sector.
  • Moved most high level monsters off of roads. It is possible for these mobs to spawn in these locations but not as often.
  • Increased the number of low/mid/high level monsters in the sector.
  • High level monsters no longer spawn inside one another or on cliff faces.
  • Improved the placement of numerous static actors in the sector.
  • Spawn locations for all monsters have been adjusted. More monsters now spawn in more locations (alone and in groups) within the zone. Runners who frequent this zone should take care until they familiarise themselves with the new mob load out.

Wasteland Sector E 13 (Canyon)

  • Moved most high level monsters off of roads. It is possible for these mobs to spawn in these locations but not as often.
  • High level monsters no longer spawn inside one another or on cliff faces.
  • Added additional Twilight Guardian presence to the sector. Enemy runners will be shot on approach.
  • Added a mutant camp to assist with levelling low-mid level runners.
  • Added a cloister of Reaper Spiders to assist with levelling mid-level runners (Canyon Facility's equivalent of MB Bunker).
  • Improved the placement of numerous static actors in the sector.
  • Spawn locations for all monsters have been adjusted. More monsters now spawn in more locations (alone and in groups) within the zone. Runners who frequent this zone should take care until they familiarise themselves with the new mob load out.

Wasteland Sector F 12 (Canyon)

  • Increased the number of low/mid/high level monsters in the sector.
  • Moved most high level monsters off of roads. It is possible for these mobs to spawn in these locations but not as often.
  • High level monsters no longer spawn inside one another or on cliff faces.
  • Improved the placement of numerous static actors in the sector.
  • Added a Twilight Guardian presence to the sector. Enemy runners will be shot on approach.
  • Spawn locations for all monsters have been adjusted. More monsters now spawn in more locations (alone and in groups) within the zone. Runners who frequent this zone should take care until they familiarise themselves with the new mob load out.

Wasteland Sector G 13 (Canyon)

  • Increased the number of low/mid/high level monsters in the sector.
  • Moved most high level monsters off of roads. It is possible for these mobs to spawn in these locations but not as often.
  • High level monsters no longer spawn inside one another or on cliff faces.
  • Improved the placement of numerous static actors in the sector.
  • Added a Twilight Guardian presence to the sector. Enemy runners will be shot on approach.
  • Spawn locations for all monsters have been adjusted. More monsters now spawn in more locations (alone and in groups) within the zone. Runners who frequent this zone should take care until they familiarise themselves with the new mob load out.


  • Mutant Giant Veskulus has been removed from the unused Crystal Cave 1, to prevent interference with the Brotherhood of Crahn Epic Mission.
  • Dragon's Wrath guards no longer spawn in the Outzone Sector 1 part of the quest "Reza's Calling".
  • Further tweaks have been made to the Mission "Reza's Calling", bringing the German and French versions up to date.
  • Issues with the Twilight Guardian Epic have been fixed.
  • Issues with the NeXT Epic have been fixed.
  • The Tiki Quest has been updated.

Missions (CityCom)

  • A number of visual tweaks have been made to the Mission Selection section of the CityCom. Some cosmetic changes have been made in advance of further changes in a future patch.
  • It is no longer possible to search for Trader Union or Anarchy Breed missions.
  • The Mission system now downloads 6 missions per page, twice the previous amount. This change should ease the frustration of finding suitable missions. Changes in a future patch will further improve this process.
  • Twilight Guardian VERY EASY and EASY CityCom Missions have been adjusted to reflect new mob availability in the Canyon Facility Caves.

Faction Names

  • To improve faction naming continuity, some changes have been made:
  • CityAdmin becomes City Administration
  • BioTech become BioTech Systems
  • N.E.X.T becomes NExT
  • CityMercs becomes City Mercs
  • The Crahn Sect becomes Brotherhood of Crahn
  • The Fallen Angels becomes Fallen Angels

Misc Changes

  • 'Apartment Access Code If' objects have been renamed to 'Apartment Access Interface'.
  • 'Blessed Absorber Sanctum' now has the correct description.
  • Mutant bedding in underground labs is less obstructive.
  • Reassigned the Terror Leaper to a more suitable group of monsters.
  • Increased the spawn chance of the Terror Leaper
  • Terror Leapers now drop suitable loot. Rare Parts have the same drop rate as found on Warbots.
  • All varieties of Cave Crawler are now physically smaller.
  • Removed the "jumping" when applying passive effects to players. Meaning: no more falling down mountains while being buffed
  • Several fixes have been made in the Dialogue of Master Hunters.
  • Added appropriate dialogue to replace place holder 'Damn! Locked!' messages related to SL changes.
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to hold weapons in the wrong pose.
  • Character Creation now correctly lists 'Canyon Facility' as the starting location of Twilight Guardian.
  • Character Creation now correctly lists 'Outzone' as the starting location of Brotherhood of Crahn.

182/183 (4th May 2013 )

Soul Light System

  • Access to the Gene Replication Network now requires Runners to have -31 Soul Light or higher.
  • Access to the Venture Warp Network now requires Runners to have -31 Soul Light or higher.
  • Access to vendors in safe zones requires Runners to have -31 Soul Light or higher.
  • Access to Apartment Access Interfaces in safe zones requires Runners to have -31 Soul Light or higher.
  • Automatic Soul Light regeneration has been disabled.

Weapon Balance

  • Damage output of the TL115 Disruptor lowered by 25% to compensate for aggressive burst bonus.
  • Damage output of the TL113 Ceres Assault Rifle CAR-47 and the TL108 Infiltration Assault Rifle IAR-47 lowered by 20% to compensate for aggressive burst bonus.
  • Speed malus when equipping a heavy weapon has been reduced from 20% to 10%.
  • Switching weapons while reloading has been disabled.

New Features

  • New hit box colouring has been added to more easily identify clan mates. (Customise BBClanMate in rposcolor.ini)
  • Gamemasters are now able to set zones to safezones while the server is running.
  • Gamemasters are now able to set zones to automatically log out players after a certain time of idling.
  • Gamemasters are now able to set zones to spawn players at the reset point after logging out.

181 (23rd March 2013 )

Technical changes

  • Fixed several exploits
  • Used an approach similar to splines to smooth interpolation
  • Several further tweaks to the interpolation
  • Fixed rubberband bug
  • Fixed hacknet mobs not dealing damage
  • Fixed parsing of default options for several NPCs
  • Fixed a buffer overflow when updating world actors
  • Raised Neocron's bandwidth limitations
  • Fixed several reasons for invisible damage
  • Fixed an error which lead to items dropping from the trade window back into the player's inventory
  • Music should now play independent of the windows compatibility mode setting
  • The damage of beam weapons should now be calculated correctly
  • Fixed beams not showing on several weapons

Gameplay changes

  • Added the techlevel of the item to construct to blueprints
  • Law enforced players are now buffable by non law enforced players, but not vice versa!
  • The existing speed cap has been adjusted so speed tapers off more dramatically at higher livels of agility and athletics. Players with extreme speed setups will see a reduction of speed.

180 (7th Feb 2013)

This fix is a hotfix patch for to address the issues of 179

179 (5th Feb 2013)

Technical changes

  • Reworked netcode (see known issues)
  • Window mode now supports very high resolutions as well (numbers must be multiples of two)
  • Fixed a number of exploits and critical security issues
  • Fixed a number of bad world data causes
  • Fixed an issue with the loginserver
  • Fixed a number of gameserver crashes
  • Fixed incorrect team money distribution
  • Team money distribution is now calculated at once instead of receiving all money first, then paying a share to teammates
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to retreat from combat
  • NPCs now use a line of sight for targeting that is comparable to that of player characters
  • Fixed drones not launching in a number of situations
  • Reduced wait time between drone launches, in case a launch failed
  • Appartment passwords may now contain the ' char
  • Account passwords may now contain the chars . and #
  • Slightly tweaked/increased overall performance

Content changes

  • High level Plasma Pistols can now be obtained from the Canyon Smuggler.
  • Misc. smaller fixes

Known Issues

  • Netcode/Clipping: The reworked netcode is much more accurate than any previous version. While this is great in many ways and will reward good movement in PvP, it also introduces a problem: With player movement not being the soft pulp it used to be, the uncapped Evol 2.2 runspeeds can now make it very difficult to keep lock on your target. We feel that it may be benefitial for PvP to tone down ultra fast runspeeds even before we get to the greater balancing. Of course, we appreciate constructive feedback regarding the matter and will continue to observe how things pan out on retail.
  • Server stability: The patch introduced a number of new issues of which we have contained many, but not all. Naturally, a fix for the known issues will be provided at the soonest possibility.

178 (14th January 2013)

Hotfix patch to fix a few issues found in the 177 patch.

  • Fixed several server side crashes
  • Fixed a problem with the patcher
  • TL92 Pulselaser Pistol is back in stock
  • Staff Sergeant Van Dyk moved
  • Turrets in Energy Core 2 now shoot back

177 (11th January 2013)

Technical changes

  • Fixed a number of exploits
  • Fixed a number of server and client crashes
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to damaged chardata
  • Interpolation fix redone from the ground up
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from activating Gene Replicators inside appartments
  • Fixed GenRep costs for Crahn, Black Dragon, Tsunami Syndicate, Fallen Angels and Twilight Guardian HQs to reflect their post-DoY locations.
  • Fixed the combat rank of droners being lower than expected in certain cases
  • Fixed drone AoE damage, LEd droners now damage themselves as well as their drones
  • Fixed Fallen Angels CityCom missions
  • Fixed the CR being too low when changing zones inside a vehicle
  • Fixed CR being too high inside hacknet
  • Fixed the respawn behaviour of several container types (containers spawning quest items, e.g. Grim's ID cube, as well as hacknet code fragments)
  • Fixed the buy/sell window covertly resetting the amount to a value of 1 when clicking buy/sell. Now it properly retains the previous value
  • Fixed item count not corresponding with the entered amount when moving stacks of items
  • Significantly increased rare part drop chances for Warbots and a number of related techmobs.

Content changes

  • Overhaul of H14 and the H14 Command Unit
  • Replanted several trees in J 04
  • Fixed several floating objects in H 15 and fixed the hole in the fence near MC5
  • Arrested the thief of the sign post in the newbie Area MC5 and returned the sign safely to its home
  • New vendors have moved into Battle Dome
  • Female vendors now have the correct skin
  • Outzone Sewer Sec-1 now uses the correct world
  • Added Outzone and Pepper Park apartment key smuggler to Pepper Park Sec-1
  • Black Dragon contacts have been sighted outside of the Pussy Club
  • Fixed a number of gameworld bugs and missing objects in Via Rosso Sectors 1, 2 and 3.
  • Fixed a number of gameworld bugs and missing objects in Pepper Park Sectors 1, 2 and 3 including the Crahn Church
  • The Snack-A-Tack shop in Pepper Park Sec-3 went out of business
  • Removed OOC advertisment in Pepper Park Sec-1 and Via Rosso Sec-2

Known issues

  • Sometimes after zoning the screen becomes grey/blue/whatever, to fix it press alt+e twice
  • Wildcard search inside citycom still not reenabled

176 (1st December 2012)

Technical changes

  • Implemented a fallback inside the D3D9 driver, older cards should work again
  • Enlarged horizontal field of view to 110 degrees
  • Fixed several possible reasons for server crashes
  • Fixed issues with the netcode causing packet loss

Gameplay changes

  • Fixed issues with terminal missions in several HQs

175 (28th November 2012)

Technical changes

  • Dropped support for DirectX 7
  • Changed FoV, therefore players seem to be slower
  • Fixed numerous exploits and vulnerabilities
  • Fixed several possible server crashes
  • Fixed a bug that stopped Neocron from launching when certain applications are open ("Chrome Bug")
  • Fixed a crash on alt+tab in wastelands in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed the main menu going black on alt+tab in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed a crash caused by neocron.ini not being writable
  • Changed the way interpolation is handeled ("clipping fix")
  • Tweaked the netcode to always include y updates and update more frequently
  • Fixed a bug that caused the HUD not being rendered on screenshots
  • Screenshots are now saved as .jpg
  • Fixed a bug that caused the HUD to reset to default state after a crash
  • Removed legacy elements from the HUD (e.g.: recover backpack)
  • Fixed misalignment of worldmap at widescreen resolutions (fullscreen mode)
  • Fixed culling problems with widescreen resolutions (fullscreen mode)
  • Fixed misaligned outpost signs
  • Added widescreen resolutions to the launcher configuration panel
  • Added Anisotropic Filtering, configurable via the launcher configuration panel
  • Fixed truncation of entries inside error.log
  • Added timestamps to the damage log
  • Fixed Venture Warp returning players to appartment

Content changes

  • Turned around the CopBot staring at the wall in Plaza Sector 1 (after 8 years, the wall wins)
  • Temporarily removed outpost turrets
  • Added TL92 Tangent Assault Pulselaser Pistol to high level tech pistol vendor
  • Added TL63 Gatlin Cannon to high level low tech cannon vendor
  • Added permenant spawn for the Outzone 2 High Tech Cannon Smuggler
  • Added entrance to the Drone Racetrack
  • Added RN Terminals to Crahn HQ
  • Replaced Outzone Station ambient sound
  • Removed OOC advertisement from the Plaza area
  • Fixed a conflict between Reza's Calling & Regant's Faith Missions
  • Fixed spawn of Heff in TG Canyon.
  • Fixed spawn of Malfunctioning Warbot Prototype in the MIRL-600 Warhammer Mission
  • Fixed drop rate of fragment from Tacholytium Titan Warbot for Crahn Epic mision #4. Now always drops for those with the mission.
  • Fixed a large number of wrong object types (e.g.: CityComs being tagged as chairs)
  • Fixed position and alignment for a large number of static objects and NPCs
  • Fixed many more miscellaneous gameworld issues
  • Added a new loading screen

Gameplay changes

  • Fixed an issue with team xp calculation
  • Fixed combat rank not always being updated
  • Fixed a bug that allowed overcasting of stronger shields.
  • Fixed low level drones being very hard to use
  • Reduced the intensity of visual interference when Drones are being damaged
  • Fixed several issues and exploits concerning casting
  • Changed the way combat ranks are being calculated
  • Fixed AI not being able to target drones in special cases
  • Fixed a reloading bug

Known Issues

  • Entering wildcards in the player search does not work anymore, in case you want to know how many players are online, have a look at the front page of the official fansite Tech Haven Network
  • Sometimes after zoning the screen becomes grey/blue/whatever, to fix it press alt+e twice
  • Fix for TL92 Pulselaser Pistol did not work as intended. This weapon is still unavailable

174 (22nd July 2010)

This patch reverts the client and server back to the same code as 168, as the 169-173 patches failed to work.

169-173 (8th-13th July 2010)

These patches were released in a period of 8th-13th July 2010. It is said that the patch suite deals with numerous network protocol issues.

  • The security of Neocron's network traffic has been increased. These changes will break all known cheat programs.
  • Neocron now also requires newer Visual C++ runtimes. (2005-SP1)
  • Patches 170-173 are hotfixes to correct client and world crashes.

168 (10th December 2007)

  • fixed an issue that prevented the reloading of weapons

167 (10th December 2007)

This is sometimes known as the F6 patch, where the faction relations in the game was reverted back to the Neocron 1 relationships, and all the anti-city HQ's where moved back to their original Neocron 1 locations.


Dome of York

  • All Shops and NPCs have been removed
  • All Gene Replicators have been removed, except for one in the City Center
  • The DoY sectors 1,3,5,7 and 9 are now PvE Dungeon sectors with according zone rules
  • The DoY sectors 2,4,8 and 10 are now PvP Battlefields with according zone rules
  • The former DoY City Center has been renamed to Secured DoY City Center and is now a safe zone with the last remaining active GR in the Dome of York
  • The former DoY faction headquarters have been abandoned by their factions and are now PvP Battlefields with according zone rules
  • Reprogrammed Copbots, that react on drawn weapons, have been placed at the Zone borders to the City Center in the neighbor sectors
  • All DoY low- and mid-level dungeons have been relocated to the Outzone sectors
  • The former DoY dungeon zones in the new PvE sectors have been converted into high level dungeons
  • The Tiki Tornado Club has been moved to Pepper Park Sec-2
  • The Electric Vibes Club has been moved to the Outzone Station


  • All Screaming Horse guards have been removed from the Neocron city sectors.
  • As replacement for the Screaming Horse guards in non-safe zones, Copbots that only react to drawn weapons have been placed at zone borders, Gene Replicators and apartment entrances The density of Copbots decreases the farther away from the city center you are.
  • Copbots in safe-zones are no longer reacting to faction sympathy but still react to negative Soullight

Faction Headquarters

  • The former DoY faction headquarters have been abandoned and the new headquarters can be found at the following locations:
    • Crahn - Brotherhood of Crahn Monastery in Pepper Park Sec-3
    • Tsunami - Tsunami Syndicate Headquarters in Pepper Park Sec-1
    • Black Dragon - Black Dragon Clan Headquarters in Pepper Park Sec-2
    • Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels Tech Core in Tech Haven Sec-2
    • Twilight Guardian - TG HQ in Canyon Facility


  • All DoY apartment entrances have been closed down and relocated to the new Outzone Apartment Complex, which is accessible via Outzone Station. This includes all Starter, Standard and Clan apartments created prior to the application of the content update
  • Newly created starter apartments of TG and FA are now located in the Outzone Apartment complex. BD, TS and Crahn starter apartments are located in Pepper Park.
  • Newly created DoY style apartments are now located in the new Outzone Apartment Complex
  • Newly created Clan apartments of the former DoY factions are now located as following:
    • Pepper Park: Brotherhood of Crahn, Tsunami Syndicate and Black Dragon
    • Tech Haven: Fallen Angels
    • Canyon Facility: Twilight Guardian
  • The mechanism preventing runners from activating apartment GRs in enemy territory has been deactivated

Tech Haven

  • Tech Haven Sector 1,2 and 3 are no longer safe. The according zone rules are City Sector. Fallen Angels security bots and turrets were not dispatched in all areas of Tech Haven to allow non-FA players to access the mission NPCs located all over Tech Haven. The main entrance is guarded by security turrets, while it is still possible to access Tech Haven via the entrance at Tech Haven Sec-3.
  • Gene Replicators, apartment entrances and designated trading areas are protected by “Reprogrammed Copbots” that only react on drawn weapons in order to uphold basic security
  • The new Fallen Angels Headquarter, accessible via Tech Haven Sec-2 is a safe zone and additionally protected by Fallen Angels Security Bots and Turrets.


  • A bug that was deactivating the weather including the seasonal changes has been fixed
  • The spawn density in the DoY tunnels has been reduced


The faction relationships have been adjusted and are now closer to the old Neocron 1 relationships

City Administration X F N F F F E E E N N E
Diamond Real Estate F X F F N N F E E E F E
Tangent Technologies F F F X E N E E E F E E
BioTech Systems F N N E X F E N E N N E
ProtoPharm F N E N F X E F N N N N
Tsunami Syndicate E F N E E E X E N F F N
Black Dragon E E N E N F E X F E E N
Brotherhood of Crahn E E N E E N N F X N E F
City Mercs N E N F N N F E N X N E
Fallen Angels N F N E N N F E E N X F
Twilight Guardian E E E E E N N N F E F X

PVE (Player Vs Environment)

Adjustments have been made based on the PvE discussions with the community

  • The money reward for killing Monsters/NPCs has been raised by 20%
  • The health values of Monster/NPCs have been adjusted according to their class:
    • Level 1 - 31 -> -40 %
    • Level 32 – 63 -> -40 %
    • Level 64 – 95 -> -20 %
    • Level 96 – 128 -> -20 %
  • The damage output of Monsters/NPCs has been adjusted according to their class:
    • Level 1 - 31 -> -33 %
    • Level 32 – 63 -> -20 %
    • Level 64 – 95 -> -20 %
    • Level 96 – 128 -> unchanged
  • The Aggressor and Aggressor Captain have been rebalanced
  • The attack range of Spiderbots has been reduced
  • The broken DoY Assault Units have been removed from the game


  • Shot radius of WoC Crossbow Pistol reduced to disable hits even if you miss the target
  • A bug that made it possible to kill drones with the damage boost psi module has been fixed
  • Reduced range for weapon based NPCs
  • Reduced range for 'CopBot Plasma Rifle'
  • Burst weapons have received a damage bonus


  • The rare part drop has been removed for following NPCs/Monsters:
    • Juggernaut Warbots F-Type, L-Type, R-Type, FX-15, LX-15 and RX-15
    • Experimental and Prototype Ceres Troopers
    • Genotoxic Parasites, Slugger and Crawler
    • MC5 Security Officer
    • Regant Soldier, Trooper, Scout, Corporal, Warrior and Commander


  • The DoY starter missions have been deactivated. All players, regardless of their faction, are now receiving the NC starter missions but with their faction specific Mister Jones. The HQ registration part in the dialog has been removed
  • Added new mission in the DoY City Center to obtain three new WoC weapons
  • Several high level missions have been adjusted according to the evacuation of the Dome of York
  • All epic runs have been adjusted to the changes of the DoY factions move to Neocron city.
  • All epic missions requiring the killing of other runners or random faction NPCs have been changed to killing specific, level-appropriate faction NPCs
  • Most NPC kill targets have had their character level and weapons adjusted to match the difficulty of the according epic run.
  • Overhauled the epic scripts in general, fixing many small errors.


  • The list of temporary effects (i.e. DoT-Fire) is now sorted and combines equal dot types - an index shows how much effects you have. The HUD shows the shortest effect


  • DoY-Specific vendors and smugglers have been relocated to various locations in Pepper Park, Outzone Station and the Canyon Facility.
  • A bug causing player belts being dropped in Battlefield zones has been fixed
  • A bug causing players losing sympathy in Battlefield zones has been fixed
  • Fixed wrong model for Tunnel Y-Trooper

166 (26th June 2007)

Soullight system changes

  • No soullight bonus for killing enemies - soullight penalties have been lowered in general
  • If your SL value is higher than your opponent's SL, the penalty for killing him will be reduced (more = better)
  • No SL penalty if the enemy has a SL value lower than -32
  • It is not possible to receive a penalty of more than -32 SL from one kill

Soullight reductions are based on the sector settings:

  • Appartment: very high loss of soullight for friendly victims, high loss for neutral or hostile victims
  • City: very high loss of soullight for friendly victims, high loss for neutral victims
  • Dungeon: high loss of soullight for friendly victims, low loss for neutral or hostile victims
  • Outskirt: high loss of soullight for friendly victims, low loss for neutral victims
  • Wasteland: moderate loss of soullight for friendly victims
  • Warzone: no loss of soullight
  • Faction Sympathy rewards and penalties have been adjusted to match the soullight changes.

Other fixes

  • Made the flight path of rockets more stable.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some PSI support modules to damage drones.
  • BioTech Mission Employee fixed.

165 (16th May 2007)

PSI support

  • Increased psi usage and cast time for rare anti-support modules (i.e. Exorcist).
  • Holy Unprotector has received an additional boost of psi usage because of its special kind of functionality.
  • Visual effects added on the target for removing or boosting spells (i.e. Unprotector, Skill-Boosters, AntiDeflector, ...).
  • Remover: color is equal to the color of the corresponding support spell
  • Booster: combat boosters use red - support boosters use green color

Drone combat

  • Drones with AoE damage now damage themselves when they are in the damage area.
  • Damage over time effects on drones are now converted to instant damage.
  • Resistance cap raised by 10 percent.
  • Changed hit region (head, torso, legs) calculation for NPCs to be a little less random.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed runners to damage vehicle passengers with AoE weapons.
  • Construction time lowered by 30 percent.
  • Fixed a problem with the construction of items with techlevels lower than 2.
  • Fixed the hand grenade TG-275 'Freedom Strike'.
  • All hand grenades now have 10 uses.
  • Some types of WoC ammunition were not clonable, fixed.
  • Some types of WoC ammo converters were not researchable, fixed.

164 (16th April 2007)

This was a hotfix for patch 163 to fix an unknown problem. There was no patch notes for this release, and this patch came out a few hours after patch 163

163 (16th April 2007)

Main Changes

  • Normal Law Enforcer rules re-enabled! Runners can't implant a law enforcer if their skill rank is above 30.
  • A runner can overcast a support effect if it was applied by another runner (self-cast over foreign-cast) to disable high level shitbuffs.
  • NPCs will now use the gunner instead of the vehicle as damage applier to put him on their aggro list.
  • Logs now work if the character name has less than 4 characters.
  • Changed some values in the distance calculation for drones to get better aiming - especially on drones with a low techlevel.
  • Effects like Barrel modules no longer deal damage after the damage dealer switches to another zone (it was possible to damage LE players this way).
  • Fixed a bug where the build time in the construction process was skipped.
  • Fixed a bug where non-rare items were constructed with low condition.
  • Raised the construction cap for non-rare items (higher quality).
  • Lowered WoC disk drop rate.
  • Lowered price of Rhino V3 key.
  • Added a TL 40 variation of personal injector (heal). Check the BT Database.
  • Nanite concentration of heal injection reduced to 20 (was 30).
  • Gaya Tacholytium Gauntlet (Epic) has a new Techlevel of 56 (was 40).

Balancing changes

  • Damage reduction of 10 percent for PvP. Explanation: We've decided at the beginning of the balancing project to make the duration of fights longer and more tactical - not shorter! So please understand (especially the english community) this decision. If player setups are changing to i.e. better resistance we can easily rearrange this modifier.
  • Psi-based shields (i.e. deflector) are 5% more effective. This applies to all kinds of these shields in non-PPU-selfcast.
  • Reduction of drone resistance to 0.50 (was 0.65). The resistances of drone will be calculated from thier energy value.

Changes to weapon construction

Influence factors:

  • Construction value (INT, DEX, CST)
  • Weapon TechLevel
  • Random quality reduction of up to 15 percent

When calculating the quality of a weapon, the construction value is usually well above the constructed weapon's TechLevel. There now is a softcap in place when evaluating the effects of skills, this however lead to problems in the past - which is why there is now a quality cap in place. This quality cap is more of a safety measure than a real limitation. When building rares, you won't notice much of a difference, if any (test results: 100% - 120%) - the cap for non-rares is higher now (test results: up to 100%). The slots probability for all weapons remains the same.

The goal was to let the a good conster build good quality weapons - that goal was met. Investing into construction is worth it, as it increases the chance to build weapons at the quality cap.

162 (29 March 2007)

Balancing Changes

  • Bonus System for weapons changed:
  • HighTech + 2 % (was 5.0)
  • Rare + 7.5 %
  • Epic + 8.0 % (was 8.5)
  • WoC + 8.0 % (was 10.0)
    • Weapons with Epic- or WoC-status are rebalanced.
    • LowTech-weapons receive an extra 3% to nearly close the gap with HighTech-weapons.
    • Melee-weapons now have the 5% penalty removed. The range penalty is enough disadvantage for that category.
    • Melee-weapons receive a 7.5% bonus to compensate for missing ammo-mods.
    • APU combat keeps the 16% bonus for their general frequency reduction until we fix this.
    • APU combat receives a 4% bonus to compensate for the missing high-tech variations. (lowtech-correction and half of hightech bonus).
    • APU combat receives a 7.5% bonus to compensate for the missing ammo mods.


  • Added more tolerance for the line of sight verification of PSI modules
  • Fixed a bug involving the saving of temporary effects (i.e. Shields) - selfcast PPU shields should now have their intended strength after zoning.

Combat Rank

  • Adjusted the calculations for the different classes to bring them closer together.
  • Verification of calculations to prevent ranks of zero.


  • Fixed a bug that impeded shield or heal in selfcast.
  • Line of sight will work better in the Hacknet.
  • Reduced the range of Hacknet NPCs (10%) as well as their aggro range.


  • Fixed a bug that caused problems with XP in combat vehicles.
  • The missing drug effect from nanite activity is back.
  • Reduced the range of NPC weapons. This only applies to NPCs that uses normal weapons.
  • Fixed the armor values of Genotoxic NPCs. They now only have full protection against fire and poison damage.
  • Adjusted the collision verifications, some objects provided more cover than they should have.


  • Adjusted the "The Hunt for Crossbow" mission. The mission is now repeatable and, like in other WOC missions, the reward is handed out in artifact quality with at least 3 slots.
  • Adjusted the "Regants Legacy" mission. Like in other WOC missions, both rewards are now handed out in artifact quality with at least 3 slots.
  • Adjusted several NPCs to prevent soullight and sympathy abuse.

161 (27 March 2007)


  • Law Enforcer will no longer be damaged in use.
  • Law Enforcer can be implanted independently from skill rank. This restriction is deactivated for one week.
  • Implants now take considerably less damage when they are damaged in combat.
  • Implants are damaged considerably less often in combat.

Other changes

  • Removed the range bonus damage for Raygun weapons because of PvP imbalances. They still are most efficient at close range and lose some strength at long range.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of the construction skill that caused items to be constructed at higher quality than intended.
  • Tweaked the combat rank calculation for PPU characters, they will now have a higher combat rank.
  • All WOC weapons are now dropable - the appropriate missions are repeatable.
  • Fixed the names of some ammo and ammo mods (i.e. Rayguns).
  • Fixed a bug in the "Ol' Dirty Conster" script, he should now give you the correct Spy Rifle PA.
  • Fixed a bug in the Fallen Angels Epic Run. The missing mission item (Vehicle Energypack - Hover Technology Only) is now available again.
  • The "Graves" dungeon is a "Dungeon Sector" again.

160 (15 March 2007)


  • Fixed a bug with the law enforcer settings.
  • A few items had disappeared, they should now be back:
    • Holy True Sight Sanctum,
    • Holy Catharsis,
    • Revenge,
    • Punisher
  • All drones are now researchable.
  • Fixed the techlevel of Crahn Fire Lance, it is now TL 17.
  • Fixed Multi Lightning Bolt.
  • The WOC-PA's for APU and PPU now give penalties to 'Agility' instead of 'Focussing'.

Combat Rank

  • Combat rank for non-PPU players changed, lowered both the offensive and defensive parts by 10 percent.
  • Combat rank of hackers inside the hacknet fixed.


  • NPCs re-balanced: Damage and armor reduced.
  • Different content gaps closed in the hacknet databases.


  • Fixed wrong shot effects and damage weighting for:
    • Fallen Angels Light Security Bot,
    • Fallen Angels Heavy Security Bot,
    • Light Malfunctioning Bot,
    • Heavy Malfunctioning Bot,
    • Fallen Angels Light Security Bot,
    • Fallen Angels Heavy Security Bot

159 (12 March 2007)

Lom Pills

  • The 'Loss of Memory' pills used to unlearn subskills will work without causing 'Synaptic Impairment' for the first period of the retail version.


  • Added 4 new WoC-missions that have high level goodies as rewards! Keep your eyes open for Commander Harris, Bail Bondsman - Eric Peters, First Lieutenant McLane and The Jackal!
  • Added 2 new vehicles that have DEX-based weapons (and requirements): NEXT Air Guard v.1.1 and NEXT Assault 'Trophy Hunter' V.2.56 (Scorpion Trike).

Changes and Bugfixes

  • Changed the frame rate cap to 100 milliseconds (100 FPS).
  • NPCs with a skill rank below 32 are no longer affected by the general PvE damage modifier: they take more damage now.
  • Added some tolerance for the server-side verification of PSI weapons.
  • Reduced the strength of fall damage to 70 percent.
  • Fixed the different usage of resistance skills inside Neofrag.
  • Fixed combat rank update bug. The combat rank will update if you equip a weapon that will change your combat rank. Otherwise the combat rank will stay unchanged.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error when taking damage while entering a vehicle.

Item and weapon changes

  • Grenades are working again.
  • Adjusted range of low level pistols. They now have a minimum range of 75 meters.
  • Fixed the remote repair tool.
  • Increased the amount of nanites per ammo pack to 20 (was 4).
  • Damage of 'Juggernaut Crossbow Pistol' changed to pure instant damage.

157 (13 June 2006)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken item drop of Wisdom of Ceres Discs. The Wisdom of Ceres Mechanic labs will therefor being re-opened
  • Fixed problem where NPCs despawned when being hit by single PSI-spells
  • Fixed undamagable turrets. Turrets may be used again in Outpost fights
  • Lowered skillevel of Anarchy Breed Harasser and Agressor from 85 to 60
  • Fixed problems with german version of "Hunt for Crossbow" Quest
  • Fixed wrong location description in Black Dragon Epic
  • Fixed problems with "Call of the Hurlerking" Quest
  • Fixed problems with Next Epic Mission #4
  • Fixed problem with faction medals that turned into City Admin faction medals after being removed from the apartment wall
  • Fixed problems with TL-10 heal modules
  • This patch also contains several exploit fixes which will not be mentioned explicitly for security reasons.

Game content

  • Modified faction relations for the City Merc faction. CM is now friendly to Tangent Technologies and Tsunami Syndicate. Enemy to Diamond Real Estate and Black Dragon. More information about the story background can be obtained from our webzines Neocronicle News and Voice of the Resistance.
  • Added 3 hacknet weapon mods sold by vendors, less powerful than Phoenix mods
  • Added quest for obtaining the new Wisdom of Ceres Power Armors. Visit the Wisdom of Ceres Temple for more information
  • Added two new versions of the DoY Hover Carrier with new textures. These vehicle are being used for in-game events.
  • Added new type of Twilight Guardian guards. These Special Forces guards are being used for in-game events
  • Added filter in the CityCom clan search (name and faction)
  • The world cup fever has reached Neocron. Look around the gameworld over the coming days.

156 (11 April 2006)

"No patch notes this time. It's ultra secret preparing content. Just keep your eyes open within the next days." - Snowcrash

155 (10 March 2006)

Bugfixes and changes

  • Fixed long sync times.
  • Fixed loot drop algorithm.
  • Fixed stealth.
  • Fixed reload problems.
  • Removed snow from possible weather effects.
  • Reverted the NPC damage changes.
  • Further adjusted heal spells.
  • Fixed the high sympathy rewards from missions.
  • Removed Phoenix weapon mods from traders, they are now only available from the Phoenix database.
  • Replaced hacking requirements on Ion guns with the appropriate weapon skills.
  • Removed Devourer parts from the Tiki club reward.
  • Fixed Ion drones.

154 (09 March 2006)

Bugfixes and changes

  • Terminal search function for runners and clans updated - added online/offline filter for runner search.
  • Added a Runner killed by "Runnername" message.
  • Empty holomatch games are now closed after a short time and can be recreated with a different number of players.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the holomatch games to fill the last player slot.
  • Fixed a bug with the emote display.
  • Fixed an overflow error with very high XP values.
  • Fixed calculation errors for Soullight/sympathy gain on mission success.
  • Tech Haven sympathy missions now always award +5 sympathy, regardless of the sympathy level for the target faction. The sympathy bonus for other missions was slightly increased.
  • High level NPC's are now making more damage.
  • Added area damage for Genotoxic Sluggers.
  • Adjusted strength of all heal spells.
  • Fixed many small mistakes in mission texts.
  • TL 100 Datacubes are now available.
  • Mr. Ferguson run is now available.
  • The Phoenix database is now accesible.
  • Ion shotgun weapons are now available.
  • Fixed the loot drops from Grim Chasers and Scary Terrormaulers.
  • Fixed several terminal and StockX exploits.
  • Added checks against the outpost blocking exploit.
  • Added checks against the "silentres" exploit.
  • Added further checks when zoning and logging in.

153 (22 December 2005)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Genotoxic ammo
  • Fixed weapon reloading twice when holding fire button during auto reload

152 (21 December 2005)

Bugfixes and changes

  • Military Base Sec-1, Sec-3 and Military Entrance changed to "City Sector".
  • Fixed problems with Tacholytium Warbot spawn.
  • Reduced Amok Copbot spawn in the Gaia Mines.
  • Added Special Operation missions that allow you to raise your sympathy with a specific faction. The NPCs for these missions can be found in Tech Haven.
  • Modified the Soullight penalty system. Players who have a Soullight value of -63 or worse can now be eliminated without recieving the regular zone specific penalites. Furthermore players with a soullight below -63 now appear red, below 0 yellow.
  • Mr. Jones now appears again for new NEXT runners.
  • Fixed NEXT alliance chat.
  • Adjusted intelligence requirements for the Terminator Assault Quad.
  • Special Purpose Ammo Parts are now available at local weapon equipment vendors.
  • Adjusted weapon reload. The reload time is set to 2.5 seconds for every weapon. When the reload is technically accomplished, it is possible to fire the weapon again and the reload animation is cancelled. If no action is taken, the reload animation will finish normally. Further adjustements to this are being worked on.
  • Added new weather effect.
  • Updated models and effects of the Freezer weapons.

151 (02 December 2005)

A small patch to fix a few minor problems from the Evo 2.1 patches.


  • Medikits & drugs in quickslots are now usable again during weapon reload
  • Added some missing soundfiles
  • Fixed some missing/wrong decals
  • Fixed RPOS safeslot graphics to reflect the SL system changes (safeslot disabled below SL=-32 now)
  • CityCom/Neocronicle will work correctly again
  • Decreased maximum range of various Hacknetsoftware
  • Fixed "Scary Terrormauler" respawn problem

147 - 150 (01 December 2005)

Although there was no proper patch notes, there was a post on new content.


The current gameplay with the various faction relations will be lightened up to provide more potential for interesting and tensing conflicts within the alliances of Neocron and the Dome of York. Effectively, the faction relations will develop step by step – backed up by the storyline. Due to this, the faction-relations will only see minor changes with the launch of Evol 2.1, but are subject to continuous adjustment as the storyline progresses.

Compared to the past, this dynamic adjustment of the system provides a significantly more interesting and thrilling gaming experience with Evol2.1.

Economic and political conflicts in-between the factions provide the basis for ambitious role-play and allow a very close experience of the storyline.

The major conflict between the Neocron and the Dome of York Alliance will continue of course – providing a second layer for interesting and challenging game-play.

On the one hand, the development of the storyline will be realised through in-game events and the Ceres-Project, on the other hand all relevant backgrounds as well as additional information will be published via the Neocronicle and the Voice of the Resistance webzines. Apart from the news and articles developed by the content team, every player is welcome to actively take part and contribute to the role-play in Neocron Evol 2.1 by submitting own news and articles.

Zone types

The existing zone-types and corresponding rules regarding soullight and faction-sympathy have been revamped. These changes were applied to support the storyline’s development in-game as well as to enhance the in-game experience of the storyline, on the other hand the existing zones will be more attractive to the variety of game-play. In this regard you should note that the gains and losses will only take affect when you dealt at least 15% damage to the target.

The loss values in-game might appear very high to you on a first glance, but are necessary to noticeable enforce the zone-rules and to provide a fair game-play. In order to make up for the increased loss values, the following game mechanics were adjusted:

Secure Sector

The "Secure Sectors" are a safe environment and are used for trading spots, meeting points and provide a retreat for regeneration. The use of weapons or attacking other players is not possible in these zones.

City Sector

The local security-forces enforce the law very strictly around City Sectors. You will be heavily penalized for killing friendly runners, moderately for killing neutral runners, but rewarded for killing enemy runners.

Outskirt Sector

The "Outskirt Sectors" are poorly monitored districts of the city and provide a playground for organised crime and corporate conflicts. You will be heavily penalized for killing friendly runners and rewarded for killing enemy runners. Killing neutral runners will be penalized with a small Soullight loss but has no effect on your sympathy.

Wastelands/Hacknet Sectors

Wasteland and Hacknet Sectors are only scarcely monitored by the local authorities. You will be moderately penalized for killing friendly runners. Killing neutral or enemy runners has no effect on your soullight or sympathy.

Battlefield Sector

The "Battlefield Sectors" are where the continuous war between Neocron and the Dome of York takes place. Therefore all factions have an eye on them. You will be rewarded for killing enemy runners. Killing neutral or friendly runners has no effect on your sympathy or soullight.

Dungeon Sector

Dungeon Sectors are subject of close surveillance by the local authorities. You will be heavily penalized for killing friendly, neutral or enemy runners.

Apartment Sector

Apartments are monitored in the interest of general order. You will be heavily penalized for killing friendly, neutral or enemy runner.


  • The speed of soullight-generation has been increased.
  • Soullight now regenerates at a value of -100, opposed to the current setting of -16
  • The quickbelt’s safeslot is deactivated at a value of -32, opposed to the current setting of -16

Neocron Evol 2.1 Quests

More thrilling Wasteland and Dungeon Quests were added. Clues pointing to the locations, as well as background information are available through the Neocronicle and the Voice of the Resistance webzines.

146 (08 September 2005)

This patch also turned the French Pandore Server into the Neptune PVP Server.

Bugfixes and changes

  • Fixed lag issue caused by patch 144 and 145.
  • Converted server Pandore to the PvP server Neptune. PvP Server Rules can be found in this announcement.

144 - 145 (07 September 2005)

These new patches have been released changing some features the community has been wanting for, such as main trading zones in both Neocron and DoY as well as optimised netcode.

Bugfixes and changes

  • Turned Plaza P1 and DoY City Center into safezones again. The release of the PvP server is a good oppurtunity to make this change, which had been planned for quite some time. Each city now has one meeting point/zone where players can feel completely safe.
  • Optimized Nav-Ray in Plaza/Viarosso/Pepper Park.
  • Fixed some issues with Pepper sector 3.
  • Optimized player position updates (netcode).
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling to player trade window.
  • Fixed drag&drop position error in player trade window.
  • Added/modified code to prepare for PvP server settings.
  • Added a new transport box model for trophies.
  • Adjusted drop rates of a few trophy parts.
  • Renamed and changed inventory icons of a few trophies.

143 (16 August 2005)

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Fixed CityCom info section crash.
  • Added scroll bars to every HUD subwindow.
  • Fixed item movement problems with empty inventory.
  • Fixed display of the lowest row of the inventory.
  • Lowered prices of gliders.
  • Fixed drop rate of trophy parts from chaos creepers.
  • Fixed the inventory icon of the Warbot trophy..
  • Added the English Master Hunter script.

141 - 142 (15 August 2005)


  • Worldchange - Vehicles now wait for passengers to be respawned on client-side, then continue with the previous position, direction and velocity.
  • Effects added/changed (exhaust, wheel-dust, etc.).
  • Speed values of all vehicles re-balanced (more power).
  • Condition-Bug fixed (shorter update-time).
  • Increased the prices of glider vehicles.


  • Fixed Inventory issues (added Mouse wheel scrolling and item moving features, usually items could not be moved back to their original spot, this is fixed now).
  • Fixed main issues with Nav-Ray (especially pathfinding in Dome of York).
  • Fixed scrolling problems in Main Menu
  • Fixed rare client crash in ambient sound system.
  • Increased multithread safety in main menu (regarding login freeze issue).
  • Modified code to prevent startup emails being sent multiple times.
  • Optimized some database queries (server-side only).
  • Fixed a bug that caused items with a PSI bonus to also give a stamina bonus.
  • Fixed damage ratio check for PvP combat. Players can now do up to 15% damage to another player without recieving a SL/FS hit. This should help with things like a single accidental hit against a teammate. This may solve the LE'd runners recieving the hit as well.


  • Krupp Factory: The plant is no longer a recreation unit.
  • Bum Asylum: The plants are no longer 500nc access fee interfaces.
  • K_10: The barrels are no longer chairs.
  • K_14: The fence "explosive barrel"removed.
  • MB Entrance: closed the elevator.
  • D_09: floating chair now has its 4 feet on the ground.
  • Plaza1,Plaza2 and Via Rosso: fixed doors opening on one side only.
  • Electric Vibes Club: Some tables in the area are no longer chairs.
  • Added more guards in the ViaRosso and Plaza Faction Headquarters near the Genereplicator units.
  • Master Hunters added in Via Rosso Sec-3 and the Tiki Tornado Club. These Master Hunters are collecting series of normal trophies to hand out special super trophies. More information can be obtained at the NPCs.
  • Added 3 Super Trophies.
  • Increased the model size of most mobs in the new player MC5.
  • Damage-Restriction (One-Shot-Kill-Protection) is now limited to characters controlled by players - this make npcs stronger as they can potentially one-shot players.


  • Added "Call of the Hurlerking" Run.
    • "A reconnaissance team of the Dome of York forces has reported spottings of the so called and even more mysterious Hurlerking in the desert areas of the Wastelands. After the last radio call the team never returned to their base and is now listed as Missing in Action.
  • Fixed mission targets (npcs left to kill) not updating / displaying correctly on the client sometimes.
  • PvP kill targets have been adjusted to Faction NPC kills.
  • Fixed several functional and spelling errors in all Epic Runs.
  • Reduced FS/SL gains from Research & Construction missions, as well as adjusted FS needed to do the missions.

Other fixes

  • Reduced FS/SL gains from Research & Construction missions, as well as adjusted FS needed to do the missions. (The skill restriction required, will be added at a later date. There was an issue with it that could not be resolved in time for this patch)
  • Fixed, damage ratio check for PvP combat. Player's can now do upto 15% damage to another player without recieving a SL/FS hit. This should help with things like a single accidental hit against a teammate. Also, no more one punch then run to the guards exploiting. This may solve the LE'd runner's recieving the hit aswell.
  • Fixed Health Bounce bug when taking damage. (The infamous Yo-Yo bug, most noticable with fall damage.)

140 (13 July 2005)

A small bugfix patch to fix (Hopefully) the problems with spells miscasting. Click on read more for the patch notes, and you can discuss the patch here on the official forums.


  • Increased the recycling requirements for the trophies, trophies of small animals require less recycling skill than large ones.
  • Added new outfit for the Trophy-Hunter NPC.
  • Fixed the backdoor of the Electric Vibes Club.
  • Added Experimental Reflexbooster 3 & 4 implants to the CityMercs Faction Supply Manager.
  • Improved code for the movement distance checks when casting PSI spells to better perform at high ping / latency. Fast spells should be casteable on the run, medium speels while walking, slow spells while standing.
  • Fixed two clientside memory leaks.
  • Fixed an occasional buffer overflow in RPOS item info window.
  • Improved server performance.

138 - 139 (06 July 2005)

A content patch to introduce Trophies.


  • Trophy System implemented. NPCs in Plaza P1, DoY City Center and Military Base will tell you more about it.


  • Added Electric Vibes Club to Dome of York.
  • Added Tiki Tornado Club to Dome of York.
  • Added lots of unique graphical content for the new clubs.
  • Added music for the new clubs.
  • Added NPCs and missions for the new clubs.
  • Fixed floating tree in J_01 "A Neocron world wonder is no more".
  • Removed Plaza 4 apartment entrances from F_02.
  • Removed FA turret from E_07.
  • Fixed fences acting as rotten boxes in H_08.
  • NPC proofed the elevator shaft in the MB Stairway.


  • Research and Construction Items now stack.
  • X-Bow Pistol damage reduced by 20%.
  • Special Forces Plasmawave damage reduced by 10%.


  • Fixed bug with weapons losing quality/slots (mostly occured when using certain slotted psi modules as the active weapon).
  • If a character goes into negative sympathy with his current faction, he still remains a member of the faction, but has to face the consequences of his bad reputation.
  • Removed delay when looping (restarting) the current ambient music track.
  • Fixed client crash bug when receiving bad character model data.
  • Modified movement distance check when casting PSI spells, subject to further adjustments.
  • Itemtracking IDs will no longer be displayed.


  • Fixed Unknown 10/10 mobs in Hacknet.
  • Fixed DoY aligned bots in the Tunnels, they're now hostile to all factions like the rest.
  • Adjusted damage on Mk II units in the level 3 tunnels.
  • Fixed HackNet Vendor in Fallen Angels Sec 3.
  • Further reduced HackNet Mob health.
  • The Private Security Guards that were announced on the forums have not yet been implemented because they haven't finished their training yet.

136 - 137 (29 June 2005)

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Added and updated functionality of some RP items. Direct inquiries towards the NC Governor or DoY Alliance Leader.
  • Fixed a display bug with the new Gamemaster Skins.
  • Added maps and art files for content to be released in the next patch.
  • Fixed server-side bug in item construction code causing crashes under some circumstances.
  • Fixed a memory leak.

135 (16 June 2005)

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Rokkwear is happy to announce that their outfitter systems received the much needed software upgrade and are now fully functional!
  • Added new 3Dmodels for Hacknet weapons.
  • Added a GenRep in the Canyon Facility.
  • Added new vendors to the Newbie Area MC5.
  • Updated/fixed starter missions.
  • Fixed use restriction bug on WoC items.
  • Fixed a few memory leaks on client and server.
  • Fixed a critical server-side memory leak in the PSI effect code (improves server performance/stability).

134 (07 June 2005)

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Fixed the access to large furnished Canyon apartments.
  • Increased the volume of the DoY City sounds and announcements.
  • Added Experimental-MindControl CPU 3 to the Biotech Faction Supply Manager.

133 (23 May 2005)

Over time the factions living in the dome have finaly repaired the DoY annoucement system, on your way though the city you will now hear a variety of messages deppending on your zone.

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Tweaked Hacknet NPCs.
  • Improved AI efficiency of guards and Hacknet mobs.
  • Added Experimental-MindControl CPU 3 to the Biotech Faction Supply Manager.
  • Added environmental sounds to DoY city sectors.
  • Added city anncouncements to DoY city sectors.
  • Improved server-side error handling of mission system (improving server stability).
  • Increased maximum number of mobs that can be spawned by mission NPCs.
  • Increased lifetime of mobs spawned by missions.
  • Added "/me" text emote option.

132 (04 May 2005)

Bug fix and tweak patch.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Improved spawn of Johnny Five and Jimmy "The Tulip" Kowalski.
  • Increased mission time for "Reporting for Duty" and "Canyon Challenge" quests to 96 Neocron hours.
  • Fixed NEXT Information Manager dialog.
  • Added specific guards for each faction inside the Canyon Facility.
  • Increased strength of "Reza's Calling" quest NPCs.
  • Updated mission descriptions to include more locations.
  • Fixed the techlevel of the scientist and engineer mission rewards.
  • Fixed missing sounds for vehicles.
  • Added missing descriptions for high level quest medals.
  • Fixed missing katana animation.
  • Decreased damage output of newbie Katana sword.
  • Increased skill requirement of newbie katana (MC:45).
  • Increased skill requirement of newbie heal spell to (PPU:30).
  • Added subskill requirement to Ion Crossbow Pistol (TC:83).
  • Added class restrictions to newbie stealth tool (pe and spy only).
  • New characters can now choose whether they want a PE or a Spy restricted Stealtool during the Infiltrator startermission. The current stealth tools will have the PE restriction and may be exchanged at a Gamemaster if your character is not fitting the requirement anymore (spy and pe characters only). Please submit a support ticket to request an exchange.
  • The newbie quad will now be moved to the ASG terminal when it has been destroyed and can be repaired like the NEXT Epic vehicle.
  • Already broken Quad keys can be exchanged by a Gamemaster, please submit a support ticket to request an exchange.
  • Mr. Jones no longer spawns in CityMerc start apartments.
  • We are still working on the Hacknet balancing, which mostly consists of fairly tedious AI script reworks.

131 (28 April 2005)

This patch introduced us to the mysterious double agent Mr Jones as well as added quite a lot of new content.

Starter Missions

Job specific Starter Missions including new NPCs, items, and areas have been added to make the game introduction easier and more interesting for new players. The Starter Missions are available for all factions except for the City Mercs. Due to the small gameworld size of the Military Base it was not possible to implement the Starter Missions for the CityMercs but we are currently developing a extra CityMerc Mercenary Trial, which will go live with one of the following patches. After you leave the MC5 processing facility you will meet Mr. Jones in your apartment who will then introduce you to the Starter Missions, and after finishing each mission you will receive a job-specific reward. If you choose not to run the Starter Missions you may dismiss Mr. Jones but be warned, he does not like to be messed around and will not give you a second chance. The Starter Missions can be done by players with a base rank of up to 25.

Game World

Canyon Facility

The old Canyon has been completely re-modelled. The DoY Alliance Leader will be pleased to discuss this further with DOY-loyal Runners.

Neocron Police Department

The refit of the Neocron Police Department is now complete and the building will be re-opened. Please note that the building's new security system has been activated so weapons can no longer be drawn inside.

Neocron ConCenter

The Neocron ConCenter has also been re-opened to all Neocron factions and may be used as a meeting place. The acoustic problems in the faction rooms have now been identified and resolved.

Mysterious Maze

New enemies have been spotted in The Mysterious Maze. For Runners between base levels 20-30 it may be worth your while having a talk with the Manager at the entrance to the Maze. TODO Add mission page?

Other Game World Changes

  • Several Voice of the Resistance Offices, similar to the NEMA Offices, have been opened. Your DOY Reporter will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this matter and will naturally be happy to receive any submissions for news articles - the bloodier the better.
  • Rocco’s Seafood in Pepper Park Sec-2 has been demolished after a food poisoning incident saw the end of two minor city officials who dined and died there earlier this year. You can now find a Red Pepper Entertainment Group Bar there instead. Rumours that Red Pepper Entertainment had any involvement with the Fugu shipment in question proved to be unfounded and we wish them every success with their new venture.
  • Several noise issues were identified and resolved.
  • Various small cosmetic improvements have been undertaken for your benefit and convenience.
  • Military Base Sec-1 is now a Safezone which means you may no longer draw any weapons in the vicinity.
  • All Outzone sectors except for 'Outzone Station' have been re-classified as Hunting Grounds.
  • Neocron Subway. The Security system in the Neocron Subway has been deactivated and the Copbot presence has been increased to compensate.

High Level Quests

Several new High Level Quests have been added to the Game World.

High Level Quests can only be attempted by Runners of base level 55 onwards, however it is recommended that they be executed with the support of well equipped groups as we consciously tried to give you some tough nuts to crack. Note that these quests can only be completed once by each Runner. Of course they offer, in addition to the fun of following the quests themselves, numerous rewards in the form of rare items which may only be attained by completing these High Level Quests.

'The Canyon Challenge' DoY Alliance Quest

'The Canyon Challenge' DoY Alliance Quest is only available to the DoY Alliance. The contact person for this quest will be Commander Hopkins.

'Reporting for Duty' City Mercs Quest

The 'Reporting for Duty' City Mercs Quest is only available to members of the City Mercs and the contact person for this quest will be Master Sergeant Harrison.

'Reza's Calling' Neocron Alliance Quest

The 'Reza's Calling' Neocron Alliance Quest is only available to the Neocron Alliance. The contact person for this quest will be Commissioner Lightfield.

'The Hunt for the Crossbow'

The previous 'Ion Crossbow' Quest has been completely reworked and changed to a big run. Devlin Jones in the 'Twisters' in i_09 will be able to tell you more about this. Unfortunately all existing Crossbows need to be wiped to support the new quest.

Other Changes and Bugfixes

  • Changed Drugs to use Medical Substances in their build lists.
  • Fixed Juggernaut X-Bow pistol's Stats and repair bug
  • Fixed HEW Attack Software v0.05's desire to be a HEW Attack Software v0.01
  • Increased New Player MC5 Boss spawn rate
  • Increased drop chance of Ultima Mods to slightly less then Tech parts.
  • Adjusted damages on Hacknet weapons.
  • Added apartment keys for all Canyon apartments to the Twilight Guardian Faction Supply Manager.
  • Adjusted the starter equipment for some professions.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks in CityCom forum system.
  • Fixed a bug crashing the server when trying to load certain Wasteland zones with broken world data.
  • Fixed a bug in the mission database system causing the mission to fail in some cases.
  • Re-enabled the scrollbar on the left side of the NavRay window.
  • Added option to specify HackNet entries as NavRay destination target.
  • Changed NPCs with area damage so they do not hurt themselves anymore
  • Enhanced server-side character name abuse filter
  • Disabled OOC chat channel by default, enabled faction and alliance channels by default for new clients

130 (11 March 2005)

The patch contains new sector files only, which are not connected to the game yet. This will not happen until the next patch.

129 (18 February 2005)

A hotfix for patch 128


  • Sync Problem of Patch 128 resolved
  • HEW Attack Software v0.2 and v0.3 reactivated

128 (18 February 2005)

Patch with fixes and balancing.


  • Fixed broken Hacknet model animations.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the new BlackDragon Epic reward apartment.
  • Fixed not properly functioning Black Dragon Epic reward NPC. The BlackDragon Storage Boss is now handing out the apartment key if you have finished the Black Dragon Epic. Currently no one outside the BlackDragon faction is able to receive such a key. We are working on a fix for this problem.
  • Fixed a broken NPC in the Hacknet.
  • Removed the Ionic Shotgun weapon's ammo from the traders.
  • Fixed an issue with the Juggernaut mission. However, there is still another problem, the mission status does not mention that, in addition to the parts, you need to kill 5 Warbot LX-15 to complete it.


  • Reworked Pistol Skill again to reflect the intended "low weaponlore" requirement, as a result WEP's value has been reduced & the others increased further to take up the slack. Aim has also been heavily increased again, as a result if should cap well before the other areas.
  • Reworked Aim cap on Rifles, it should require less skill to cap Aim now.
  • Added 3 new Hacknet Softwares. 2 Attack and 1 Heal. The TL3 "HEW Attack Software v0.01", TL3 "Cryton Regeneration Software v0.05" & TL12 "HEW Attack Software v0.05".
  • Removed all flying mobs from the Beginner MC5 temporarily .
  • The PPU Antidote, Anti-Damage Boost & Anti-Shock are now useable in safezones.


  • Increased the Newbie MC5 Boss mob spawn occurance slightly.


  • Spy & PE Hacker templates now start with the two TL3 Hacknet software & an extra stamina booster in stead of the 9mm Pistol & 2 clips of ammo. The template skills have been adjusted to reflect the inventory change as well.

126-127 (17 February 2005)

A bug fix and content patch.

Ceres BioGenetic Labs

  • According to a press release by the CityAdmin Press Information Agency, a CityAdmin Special Task Force closed and sealed all entrances to the Ceres BioGenetic Laboratories. No reasons were named. Insiders suspect that the CityAdmin wants to secure the technology found in the Biogenetic Labs to their own advantage. Runners that may have been trapped inside the labs should use the usual emergency channels to exit the Labs.

Pepper Park

  • The spokesman of the newly created Red Pepper Entertainment Group announced today that the renovations of the Club Veronique and the Pussy Club are finally done. After rather long bureaucratic skirmishes with the previous owner and some technical problems with the renovations, the Red Pepper Entertainment Group is very pleased to finally be able to greet the first guests in the re-designed Club Veronique and Pussy Club.


  • Added checks to prevent "green man hair model"
  • Fixed potential server-side crash bug in database interface
  • Fixed bug which allowed GMs to accidentally disable/block doors
  • Fixed implant drop; one or more implants now drop and are placed into your inventory again after death
  • Tweaked the walk animations of other chars when moving on low speed (instead of running all the time); may need further adjustments
  • Tweaked the anti-spam chat delays.
  • Changed anti-spam timer to restart from zero when anti-spam filter is triggered, which means that you have to wait another <x> seconds to write the next message.
  • Improved free load updates after build processes (construction, recycle etc.)
  • Fixed mission system bug regarding mission NPCs spawn by GMs
  • Fixed several exploits.


  • Crahn Holy Distract Mind, Crahn Holy Provoke Enemy, & Crahn Holy PSI Shield now researchable.
  • HEW ‘Burner’ RC275 Now sold by correct trader.
  • Cryton Multilink Defense Software v1.2 now working as intended.
  • Ravager & Special Forces Plasma Wave's weight's were corrected.
  • Anti-Air Rockets changed from 32 to 16 to match Anti-Vehicles rockets.
  • Fixed mixed up requirements on Heavy-Combateye 3 & Light Duranium Boots
  • Fixed issue with Black Dragon Hacknet Database Blueprints not showing the parts required.
  • Unlabled Electroshocker & Electroshocker TL/Use Res TL fixed.
  • NExT ER Chaincraft V.1 & NExT ER Wheeler Speedbike V.1 prices have been swapped to reflect their use requirements.
  • Adjusted drop rate of Ultima mods in the DoY Tunnels.

Epic Runs

  • Applied fixes to the following epic runs: Black Dragon, Biotech, CityAdmin, Citymercs, Crahn, Fallen Angels and Next.
  • Added a new reward for the Black Dragon epic run: A character that has completed all 6 of the BD epic runs should be able to talk to the starter NPC to get the new reward.


  • Added Reaper Galopticus spawn to Beginners MC5 as a Boss type Mob. Combat effectiveness has been reduced on this variant, and should ignore the player unless attacked.
  • Swamp Squid, Tentacle, Fierce Tentacle, Acanthous Tentacle, & Swamp Warrior's Levels adjusted to 60, 10, 20, 30 & 45 respectively.
  • Traders in Beginner MC5's inventory has been adjusted to better suit the items needed.


  • Fixed female character hacknet bug that caused them to appear as Giant Reptiles


  • Citycom\StockX: Infopage added - description of Stockx rules and restrictions
  • Terminal: reset of clanmembership changed (in case of clantermination)


  • Fixed traders in Outzone Jail
  • Fixed traders in Newbie AreaMC5
  • Fixed trader in TS-Sector
  • Fixed Recreation Unit in Plaza Clanapp
  • Fixed Citycom in Viarosso 3
  • Added a new boss mob to Newbie AreaMC5
  • Fixed minor bugs in Outzone 2, Outzone 4 and Plaza 1

125 (22 December 2004)

This is only a small patch to adress the frequent crashes for users of older 3D hardware.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Users who still experience frequent crashes after that patch are encouraged to use the DX7 driver instead.
  • D3D9Drv: added some more error checks to model loading code
  • D3D9Drv: fixed critical error in model caching (cause for crashes on GF3 TI, GF4 MX hardware)

123-124 (21 December 2004)

A bug fix and content addition patch.


  • Heavy-Combateye 3 is now obtainable ingame
  • Willpower LoM pill now looks like other INT based LoM's
  • Fixed Drone-Combateye 2's TL to proper 41, Was TL14


  • Removed All new Shotgun Rares from Smugglers & changed current ones to Milky Rens
  • Fixed A&W 'Burning Air' Plasma Wave Shot sound from Gatlin to Plasma Wave
  • Slightly Reduced Healing Light Damage
  • Slightly Reduced Juggernaut Crossbow Pistol Damage
  • Turned all CopBot Rifles into Broken Implants
  • Test Vendor Drones are now Milky Rens
  • added Weapon sounds for the new weapon-group (still not researchable, but patched)


  • Herbal Mission Plants no longer moveable.
  • Intrusion Countermeasure Daemon v1.1.1's Range, & Damage has been halved
  • Intrusion Countermeasure Daemon v2.2.2's Range has been halved


  • Black Dragon, Tsunami & Pheonix HackNet Databases fixed


  • Added new Hacknet-dungeons all over Neocron and DOY
  • Added a Hacknet-Dungeon to Area MC5
  • Added Citycom to Faction DNS
  • Added data-fragments
  • Added some Sounds
  • Added new HackNet player models
  • Added some new actors
  • Accessquest added which gives access to the new secret databases that are containing some of the new rare parts. The starter NPC is Frank Ferguson and can be found outside the Hacknet.
  • Added Hack boosters 1/2/3 (they work like PSI boosters)


  • Added more guards in the ProtoPharm HQ near the Gene Replicator


  • Terminal\Info\Politics: Faction-Election reactivated, next election should be 2779-02-01 (NMT)

Code fixes

  • disabled display of attached weapons in HackNet
  • reduced HackNet viewport hovering effect to 25%
  • reduced HackNet move speed for players to 60%
  • doubled HackNet player movement friction
  • fixed some HackNet enemy/weapon sounds
  • D3D9Drv: improved character/NPC animations on hardware with limited shader support (e.g. Geforce 3 / VS 1.1). This invalidates the geometry cache, forcing new precaching pass after the patch.
  • D3D9Drv: fixed possible crash bug in mesh loader

122 (02 December 2004)

A bgufixing patch.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Added check to fix large negative XP values (XP is reset to current skill level, This should effect only those who had a negative amount of xp.)
  • Fixed broken apartment keys (apartment code was not changeable)
  • Enabled ZONE, HELP and OOC custom channels on freshly installed clients
  • Improved serverside checks to prevent a hacking game exploit.
  • Fixed a few serverside memory leaks.
  • Fixed a few serverside issues.
  • Removed temporary drone vendors.
  • Drone HUD in DX 7 bug fix.
  • Updated scripts for the NEXT epic run.
  • Updated scripts for the wastelands missions. (Juggernaut, Herbalis, etc.)
  • Known issue from last patch: The fix for the implant drop is not working correctly yet, so it is still disabled.

120-121 (12 November 2004)

A drone fix orientated patch although this did bring some cool content, the new drone HUD, a drone racetrack and a new line of drones. This patch also removed backpack drops from the game.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Disabled backpack drop, player now respawns with full inventory after death, the recovery fee of (skill rank * 100 CR) is paid automatically.
  • Added Ion Drone line. There are 5 models for the Neocron side and 5 models for the DoY side. They aren't all available immediately, they will be released gradually. Be on the lookout for new NPCs introducing them.
  • Added new drone HUD Graphics. Please check this thread for details.
  • Added Drone Racing Arena, the entrance is located in Techhaven Sector 2 (have fun!).
  • Adjusted the models of some of the existing drones so they are used more evenly. Also recolored some of the models.
  • Adjusted skill effects on weapon stats. E.g. Weapon Lore now has a bigger effect. Please check this thread for a detailed skill list.
  • Added a Heavy Combat Eye line.
  • Reworked Melee Combat Eyes, removed WEP bonuses as they have no use in melee weapons.
  • Reworked Targeting & Distant Weapon CPU's, turned Targeting into PC version of Distance Weapon, removed PC from Distance Weapon.
  • Added more implants and weapons to vendors.
  • Adjusted shot effects and damage on the Ion Crossbow Pistol.
  • Level 3 Booster Spells are researchable now.
  • Updated Cityadmin and Citymercs Epic Runs.
  • Level 3 apartments may now be purchased in Tech Haven.
  • Added Barracks Officers to Military P1 selling Military Base apartments.
  • Moved Epic NCPs Erik, Claudia, Frederick, Marcel and Eljena to Military Base Sec-3.
  • Fixed bug in double-door scripts causing the door to stay open for a too short amount of time.
  • Fixed world map not shown/visible in 800x600 resolution.
  • Citycom/Clanadmin: routines to change the clanleader verified/changed.
  • Citycom/Helpsystem: Button 'Bugged' deleted - if you want to report a bug, please use the ingame bugtracker.
  • Fixed world change to Mine 3.

118-119 (05 November 2004)

This patch was the first patch of the Drone Theme weeks.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Created very cheap copies of all drones to facilitate tests during the drone theme weeks, they are sold at special NPCs in Neocron, DoY, Tech Haven and at the gates of both cities.
  • Renamed custom "Canyon" chat channels to "DoY" and removed the "Wastelands" channels.
  • Updated Biotech, CityAdmin and Diamond Epic Runs.
  • Fixed some Soullight/Faction Sympathy issues in the CityAdmin Epic Run.
  • Subway zones are safezones again.
  • D3D9Drv: fixed wrong (black) fog color at far clipping plane
  • D3D9Drv: fixed player shadow remaining visible with stealth activated
  • Fixed drones flying past zone borders in Wasteland sectors, they now bounce off an invisible wall at the zone border
  • Added checks to prevent drones getting stuck in other meshes, e.g. trees; stuck drones drop to ground after a short time
  • Added more checks to fix/locate/minimize bug with drones spawning in the middle of nowhere
  • Changed aggressor list of NPCs/players to register the owner of the drone instead of the drone itself as damage dealer, this should fix the SL loss bug affecting droners who hadn't attacked any other runners
  • Fixed bug with certain server messages not routed to the player when droning, this fixes the droner team invite bugs
  • Fixed bug with droner not losing SL and faction sympathy when killing friendly runners in anarchy zones
  • Fixed render issue with chat window while droning

Additional Notes

  • Updated Devlin Jones, Juri Netschajev, Gerald Forsyte, & Aerol scripts
  • Increased CopBot Rifle carrying NPC's damage.

117 (01 November 2004)

A patches that fixes bugs & exploits.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed StockX exploit.
  • Fixed bug in WoC XP requirements which allowed runners to get WoC Lvl 1 already at 160 Mio XP. Runners who have taken advantage of this bug will keep their WoC level, but still need a total of 410M XP for the second WoC level.
  • Fixed "You have to finish the Epic Run" WoC NPC bug when runner has *any* active mission.
  • Fixed XP not going past 172,354,941 points (for a skill capped at Lvl 100) on some skills/player actions, e.g. trade skills
  • Disabled "client side prediction" of XP gains. F5 now shows the real numbers, as last reported by the server. These numbers aren't updated more than once in every 10 seconds. This means that you *may* have a little more XP than shown in the F5 window. It will get updated on one of your next XP-giving actions, or if you zone/relog.
  • Fixed an exploit in the Crahn epic run.

115-116 (28 October 2004)

More bug fixes, this patch brought the high XP requirement for WoC skills.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Drones now drop to ground after some seconds when stuck in solid geometry and doors.
  • Increased network update rate for drones by about 20%.
  • Added/updated collision checks at drone start.
  • Decreased drone start inertia, may reduce errors causing drone loss.
  • Fixed drone particle FX visible in 1st person mode after switching back from 3rd person mode.
  • Fixed vehicle passenger combat rank bug.
  • Adjusted (decreased) chance for failing research, it's the same formula as construction now.
  • Fixed an issue with skill system causing rounding errors at large XP scores (with capped skills).
  • Removed PSI WoC choice for PEs.
  • Adjusted XP requirements for WoC skills (note: 160Mio = required XP for skill 100):
    • 160Mio + 100Mio XP for WoC Lvl #1
    • 160Mio + 250Mio XP for WoC Lvl #2
    • 160Mio + 450Mio XP for WoC Lvl #3
    • 160Mio + 700Mio XP for WoC Lvl #4
    • 160Mio + 1000Mio XP for WoC Lvl #5
  • Fixed physics code timing bug when minimizing Neocron using ALT+TAB.
  • Fixed a few server-side crash bugs.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks in the main menu.
  • Removed a bug allowing 2-lined, colored clanrank names
  • Updated HUD code (partially preparing clients for the upcomming HUD update)
  • The Furniture Vendor in Viarosso 1 no longer sells DOY furniture.
  • Added more DOY unit types.
  • Tradeskill-Quickjob related items can no longer be dropped.
  • Adjusted the armor values for Turrets and Juggernauts.
  • Fixed a bug with the Hacknet software mods.
  • The Black Dragon FSM now also sells the camo PE PAs.
  • Fixed bugs in the Biotech, Crahn and Twilight Guardian Epic Runs.
  • Greatly increased the drop rate for parts required to build Codebreakers in the Hacknet.
  • Added backbones to the implant vendors.

113-114 (15 October 2004)

More bug fixes. Patch 114 was a hotfix patch.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Some people had invisible items in their inventory after the character transfer. These should transform into Milky Rens now, please remove these Milky Rens from your inventory.
  • Fixed Hacknet Software mods and re-added them to the software vendors.
  • Adjusted Range on vehicle weapons, specifically Glider & Trike/Chaincraft MG.
  • Adjusted Range on Anti Aircraft Launchers.
  • Tweaked rewards for research and construction missions.
  • Greatly increased the number of parts required to build the Rhino Tank.
  • Due to a packaging mix-up, the Twilight Guardian Supply Manager has been selling apartment keys instead of Hovercarrier keys. He received the correct shipment now and no longer sells the apartment keys.
  • Updated the emote trigger list.
  • Fixed client going out-of-sync to server on certain dialogue scripts.
  • Fixed some errors in gambling NPC dialogues.
  • Fixed server-side bug with ALLIANCE chat.
  • Hotfix 114 - Fixed the problems with the sympathy check in dialogues and the Rhino Tanks Blueprint.

112 (13 October 2004)

Neocron 2 bug fix patch.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Replaced all research and construction quickjobs. They now use mission specific items ranging from TL 10 to TL 150.
  • The Fallen Angels Supply Manager finally found the Hoverbomber keys he was supposed to sell.
  • All Faction Supply Managers now sell MNPU parts, AMRAD parts have been removed and all blueprints using AMRAD part have been adjusted to use MNPU parts.
  • Added more loot to WoC dungeon mobs and increased the drop rate for the Ceres Disks.
  • Lowered firing frequency for the Terminator shotgun to match other shotguns.
  • Changed Techlevel for the Crahn Defensive PSI Processor 3 to the intended TL 67 (was 37).
  • Removed the "push effect" from player and monster shots within Hacknet.
  • Changed recycling recipes for the Codebreakers.
  • An additional dancer model has been enabled.
  • Fixed several gameworld and npc related bugs.
  • Fixed several epic related bugs.
  • Added PSI Trader in the City Mercs HQ.
  • Added a Hacknet Software trader in the Fallen Angels DOY sector.
  • Fixed a bug in the I_09 Quests.
  • Fixed an exploitable spot in Plaza Sec-4.
  • Changed the Abandoned Sectors in Dome of York to warzones (no SL loss, no faction sympathy loss when killing other players)
  • Changed HackNet uplink sectors to warzones (no SL loss, no faction sympathy loss when killing other players)
  • Changed HackNet travel sectors to hunting grounds (SL and faction sympathy loss when killing other players)

  • Updated Hacknet monster scripts and spawns
  • Fixed bug with combat rank 30/30 Hacknet turrets, they should do less damage now.
  • Made new scripts for the Juggernaut bots of the Juggernaut facility. (Recommendation: Bring at least a full team to the facility)
  • Fixed apartment GenRep activation restrictions:
    • Plaza/Viarosso/Pepper apartments: CityAdmin friendly player only
    • DoY apartments: DoY friendly player only
    • Outzone/Techtown/Canyon apartments: no restrictions
    • Military base apartments: CityMerc friendly player only
  • Added custom chat "ALLIANCE", only visible to players who are allied to each other:
    • Pro CityAdmin: CityAdmin, Diamond, NEXT, Tangent, BioTech, ProtoPharm
    • Anti CityAdmin: Twilight Guardian, Tsunami, BlackDragon, Crahn, Fallen Angels
    • Neutral (equals to FACTION chat): CityMercs
    • This possibly shifts your custom chat settings, please check your hypercom window!
  • D3D9 driver: slightly reduced loading time of precached mesh objects
  • Fixed small memory leak in client startup code
  • Added another check to prevent vehicles to spawn below ground at some vehicle depots
  • Disabled flawed "mission NPC alive" check causing "mission failed" bug with some epic run missions.

109-111 (06 October 2004)

Neocron 2 bug fix patch, and hotfix.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Manually set the price of High Density Datacubes.
  • Vehicle Energy packs are researchable now.
  • Military base apartment vendor now sells all Military Base apartments.
  • Hacknet software mods are now sold at the software vendors.
  • Anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft ammo is now sold at heavy combat ammo/outpost vendors.
  • Removed faction requirements from construction licenses.
  • Increased efficiency of Hacknet regeneration and defense software.
  • All faction-specific Hacknet levels have been set to warzones (no faction sympathy penalty).
  • Fixed lots of epic bugs.
  • Replaced the targets for the Tangent and Tsunami NPC epic kills by lower level NPCs
  • Updated WoC Savant scripts again.
  • Fixed all PAs: You can play now all emotes and animations on every PA.
  • Fixed PSI-PA not playing any cast animations. Works now.
  • Added Weaponattachbone: You can see now your weapon on your PA.
  • All PAs now use the MOCap animations instead of the old one.
  • Increased all PA texture resolutions up to 512² (old one was 256²...)
  • Fixed serverside bug that caused the apartment reset on Terra.
  • Improved server<->database handling and error checking.
  • Emote trigger check is no longer case sensitive.
  • Patch Hotfix 111: Fixed problem with epic quest giving NPCs.

108 (05 October 2004)

This is a hotfix for an exploit.


  • Fixed an exploit.
  • Fixed "push-away effect" when using certain weapons/tools, e.g. stealth tools
  • Fixed bug in dialogue script faction check function
  • Dialogue scripts now use the runner's faction sympathy instead of his clan's faction sympathy

Some of the stuff planned for the next patch (109)

  • Fixing lots of epic bugs.
  • Fixed all PAs: You can play now all emotes and animations on every PA.
  • Fixed PSI-PA not playing any cast animations. Works now.
  • Added Weaponattachbone: You can see now your weapon on your PA.
  • All PAs now use the MOCap animations instead of the old one.
  • Increased all PA texture resolutions up to 512

107 (04 October 2004)

Neocron 2 bug fix patch.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed the mission bug that affected clanned players.
  • Fixed sporadic server-side crash bug related to outpost security settings.
  • Fixed server-side crash bug in dialogue script code.
  • Fixed missing use restriction for DoY bomber pilot in vehicle key item info.
  • Combat rank of *unarmed* vehicle driver/pilot is now calculated as the average combat rank of all (occupied) gunner positions of this vehicle.
  • Changed all hacknet scripts:
  • Mobs (white) now shoot white weapon effects..
  • Turrets don't drop or move.
  • Changed range on all hacknet mobs.
  • Changed movement speed of flying hacknet mobs.
  • Changed Techlevel/requirements on the weapons of the bomber, carrier and assault gliders. The MGs on the bomber, assault glider and carrier now have a TL of 60, the aussault glider's bombs have a TL of 60 and the bomber's bombs a TL of 80.
  • The DOY vehicle smuggler finally received his shipment of vehicle ammo.
  • Vehicle vendors in both cities now sell the energy packs required for the Fallen Angels epic run.
  • The Faction Supply Managers now sell high level tools.
  • All Cryton and Tech Angels shops sell weapon parts now.
  • Moved the Ion Crossbow's ammo to the High Tech ammo vendors.
  • Updated scripts for the NPCs Devlin Jones and Juri Netschajev.
  • Updated Hacknet Databases scripts.
  • Updated WoC Savant scripts.

106 (01 October 2004)

Neocron 2 bug fix patch.

Bug fixes and changes

  • Removed Hacknet requirements from Hacknet related items that were not supposed to have any requirements (HN software mods, high capacity blueprints).
  • Fixed a bunch of missions.
  • Fixed Ceres Hover mobs.
  • Fixed CityAdmin Faction Supply Manager.
  • Updated Hacknet software shot sounds.
  • Changed Dome of York zones to anarchy, respectively war zones for the abandoned sectors.
  • Fixed several bugs in the Epic Run scripts.
  • Added several missing Epic Run NPCs.
  • Fixed a bug in the blueprints of faction specific items.

105 (30 September 2004)

An early Neocron 2 bug fix and content patch.


- You can now create a clan without having to complete the epic run for your faction first. Sorry for the delay. This feature will be removed again next week.


  • Fixed some haircuts.
  • Added new Haircuts and replaced some older once.
  • Fixed some animations
  • Replaced some old emotes and added new ones. Some of the emotes should now be different for female/male.


  • StockX chartsystem (visualisation) changed

Main menu

  • Fixed a bug in the server selection screen
  • Fixed a bug in the character creation screen (choose profession)

Epic Runs

  • Added missing NPC Blight
  • It seems that some Epic Runs still don't work as desired. Please report any missing NPCs or broken dialog scripts to the Quality Assurance Team via the Bugreport Tool.


  • Fixed broken Juggernaut Facility Map
  • Updated NavRay database
  • Changed the monster distribution in the Wastelands. Both the North and South of the Wastelands contain easier mobs and the difficulty gradually increases towards the center of the Wastelands.


  • Added WoC Savants
  • The WoC Savants are assisting you with setting up your WoC Levels if you meet the requirements. To gain XP for the WoC Levels, new Ceres Lab Dungeons have been added all over the Wastelands.


  • Fixed broken Hacknet High Security Database Scripts


  • Updated Faction Supply Managers wares
  • Faction Supply Managers now sell the correct High Capacity Datacubes needed to download blueprints from the Hacknet databases.


  • Added Weaponparts 1-6 to all Resource Supply Managers
  • Added Weaponparts 7-10 as Mob Loot


  • Updated some French language scripts.


  • Fixed over 500 typos.
  • Removed "die" from emote keyword list.


There are no patch notes for these patches.